Tuesday Dec. 16, 2014 5:40 AM

Tell mom that I will be on to email a little later today, ok. I am going to the Mexico Temple today and will not be back until later. I wanted to use 5 minutes of my time to inform you of this. Thanks for the email about the news in Mexico by the way.

(This is what I sent Adam regarding the news he asked about: Tuesday Dec. 9, 2014 10:10 AM I am under the impression from information I’ve heard in the past that it is not recommended that missionaries be informed by friends and family of what is going on in the world, news-wise.  However, I feel that it’s necessary at times to know what’s going on so that you can have valid conversations with people about how they are feeling regarding stuff that may affect them and be very hard for them to deal with. I am going to tell you what I know, but first you must understand how I feel about telling you this information.  This story is very disturbing and graphic. The information and details are similar to the horrifying details found in the Book of Mormon of the depravity of certain people.  However, the prophets wrote about these things so that we would know how people behaved so that we would understand how not to repeat that kind of behavior again.  This is why we have the Book of Mormon, so that we can learn from the past, and not repeat the bad, but rather learn from the good. But this is the kind of thing that has been going on in Mexico for many decades now.  The drug wars have become so unbearable that people are finally now starting to stand up to the government for their lack of response to the widening corruption that is so pervasive in Mexican society.  You must understand, however, that the majority of the population is against the corruption, it’s just that they feel helpless because they don’t want to become one of the missing….  Here is what I know… In September, 43 students from a university where people were training to become teachers, went missing. …. (I went on to explain, but what I wrote above fills in what I feel is enough of what I think he needs to know, and how to reveal it to him. Here’s how I finished the email — ) Words cannot describe how awful people are feeling about this.  They are feeling helpless and scared and they fear for their lives.  This is not something that you alone can solve, or just because you are on a mission, you missionaries together can solve.  This is deeply rooted in the culture of Mexicans, and every other Lamanite ancestry based country.  Read the BofM often and you will become to understand the mindset and culture of the Lamanites.  I want you to focus on the mission at hand, that of learning the language and loving the Mexican people and desiring to teach the gospel.  That is the first and most important directive you have.  Knowing what is going on in the world is helpful only so you can relate to the people when they ask you questions that are deeply meaningful to them.  One of those questions may end up being: “Why is God letting this kind of thing happen?”  For this answer, read Alma chapters 11-14.  See also: Helaman chapters 2-6. I love you, and only want you to be led by the Spirit of the Lord.  Only through the Spirit can you convey the truth.  It is not because of you that people are converted, but rather people are converted because of your preparation, and dedication.  Keep the mission rules, Adam.  I cannot stress this enough!  Do not let you carnal passions overcome you.  These passions will only canker your soul and hold you back from becoming as great as you can be. All I can say now is, focus on truth and righteousness.  And remember, that every time you bear testimony, your sins are forgiven you (D&C 84:61) One last word, pray before you read the scriptures so that you can understand what the Lord would have you know, and so that you can know how to use this information when teaching your brothers and sisters of Christ.

Love Dad)


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