Tuesday Dec. 2, 2014 9:02 AM

I decided to try out a different personality after the first day in order to better get along with the missionaries in my District which is District 8D.  I put on the character of the class clown in order to make things much less stressful for my district.  Every few days though I usually go about 3 hours of just being myself which is quite and serious, but my entire district except for my companion knows me as the easy going funny guy who makes nothing boring.  I have gotten so good at making my District laugh that I have had some of them in tears from the laughter.  This is why I spent so much time studying how emotions work, because now even though I am not a funny person, I can still make people laugh, sometimes extremely hard.  I am the assistant District Leader with my companion who is named Elder Coombs.  He is the one in the pictures with red hair.  We were assigned this responsibility after the second day.  I honestly think that I have been blessed with the best possible District that I could have gotten.  There are 11 of us.  8 Elders, and 34 Sisters.  By the 2nd day, we were all getting along great, but by the 5th day, we have already began treating each other as if we have known each other throughout high school.  One of the Elders in my District is a stage performer (short bright hair) which has made is extremely easy for him to memorize the language so far, one of the sisters who is the best at the language in our class (female with glasses) is also a gamer like me and plays League of Legends, one of the Sisters (blonde) enjoys burping which I thought was awesome, one of the Elders is extremely sarcastic (the Polynesian) in his entire demeanor which allows the 2 of us to get along great, etc.  Our District is amazing.  Every gets along so well, to the point that we actually have a hard time working on a regular bases because all 11 of us enjoy each other´s company too much.  Yesterday while we were laughing as usual, Sister Fletcher (the gamer) began humming some of the hymns in order to get herself focused again.  After a moment of listening, everyone in the room began humming the hymns as well including myself. We went through about 13 hymns over the space of a little less than an hour until we had to move onto our next activity for the day.  When we all left for our next activity, we all just mutually agreed that we probably had one of the most amazing Districts out of the entire MTC.  The food is lacking in quality but there is enough for me to eat until I am full.  Thankfully there are some pianos around the area that I am able to gain access to everyone once in a while.  This is something I am extremely thankful for since I need to hear some of the music from back home that helped to keep me mentally stable.  I have only gotten to play the piano 2 times so far though.  I would play more often but because my companion and I are in charge of our District, and since he doesn´t like to sit and do nothing while I play, I don´t get to play too often.  On Thanksgiving Day, we all go to hear Elder Bednar live from the MTC in Utah.  He gave everyone listening to the devotional the privilege to ask him any question that they could think of regarding the gospel.  This lasted for about 2 hours.  They way everyone would ask their question was through texting on phones that were handed out to all of the missionaries across the world who were listening to this devotional.  Although he only answered about 15 questions directly, I am sure that 100s of other question got answered anyways because of how detailed his responses were.  I am struggling a lot with the language. Myself and the blonde, who´s name is Sister Baras, are the 2 having the hardest time in the classes with the language.  But I am having no issues what so ever with understanding how and what to teach from the Gospel.  Sister Baras suggested on Sunday when we were all saying interesting facts about ourselves that I should do a Fun Fact every day since I told them all that I used to spend a lot of my free time studying random amounts of information on the computer.  I have been doing these Fun Facts for 3 days so far and they are going great.  The entire District actually looks forward to them and reminds me to tell them the Fun Fact every day.  The funniest thing that has happened so far though was when I caught the Sisters all hiding behind the door of our classroom while waiting for me and all of the other Elders to walk through the door so that they could scare us.  I thought something was off, so I went around the other side of the building and poked my head through the window and freaked them out so hard that they all fell on the floor and began laughing.  My companion and I then assisted them in scarring the other 6 Elders by leading them into the dark room where the Sisters were still waiting.  All in all, the past week went great.  It appears to have not been anywhere near as hard as some of the others have made it sound like, or maybe that is just because I don´t really ever cry from things like what have been going on here at the MTC.  The spirit is strong here and the people are great and caring about all of us.


Elder Adam R. F. Scoville


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