Tuesday Dec 23, 2014 8:49 AM

So for this week, my District has organized a big talent show event where we will be performing for a bunch of the other Districts today on our P-Day.  Me and some 4 others in my District are going to be performing 5 songs together.  Alvin and the Chipmunks, Charley Brown Christmas theme, I’ll Be Home for Christmas (in 2016), Mr. Grinch, and 12 Days of Christmas.  I will be performing Silent Night on my own as well, which I am currently nervous about, but will have already finished by the time you read this next Monday.  We decided to do this for the other Districts since a lot of them are feeling extremely home sick like you.  These songs are to make this Christmas still feel special and memorable for them all and to make them feel like they are still with a family of some kind, even if it’s not their own.  My knowledge of the Language is increased with each passing day.  I am getting better and better with it, especially with saying prayers in the language.  Soon I hope to be able to speak in Spanish the way that I normally speak in English with all my abnormal wording of things.  Because that is when I will actually be able to feel the spirit from preaching the Gospel in Spanish.  In terms of struggles though, I am only really struggling with the Language, obviously, and the companionship rules.  I am have an astronomically difficult time with the companionship rules of having to stay near each other at all times. . . My companion does 1 thing fast and that is getting up early and being ready quickly every morning.  Every. . .other. . .thing. . .he does. . is slow. . . And as for me, I get up slow, but do every other thing fast.  My companion and I are also complete polar opposites, aside from being male humans serving missions who both breathe air, need sleep, eat food, and speak English.

On Christmas morning I am also planning on getting up at 5:00 am and rushing over to my class building so that I can set up 4 of the District’s tables and chairs for them, and so that I can leave every companionship a gift to find when they come to their desks in the classrooms.  Obviously I don’t really have access to the coolest of gifts here, nor do I have the time or money to do something really amazing so I decided on something far simpler.  Today, I am planning on purchasing 19 bags of Chokis Cookies, which is pretty much the Mexican equivalent to Chip Ahoy in America.  Each bag has about 20 cookies in it I think and they are one of the favorites here at the MTC.  Almost every Elder or Sister loves them and they are only 14.41 Pesos apiece, which is just a smudge over 1 dollar in US currency.  So far since I’ve done the math, it is going to cost me 288 Pesos to purchase them all but I think it will be worth it.  I hardly use any of my money anyways and since all of the money on my Missionary Card that I was given when I got here will be removed once I leave, I am trying to make sure that I use it in an effective manner that benefits someone.  I honestly buy nothing for myself aside from a new water bottle every week for like 40 pesos, and soap for my clothes which is I think 12 pesos.  My District is also doing our own gift exchange on Christmas.  I got my assigned person this really cool watch from the Tienda (store).  It is stainless steel, and has a sapphire tint to it.  I am sure he is going to love it.  My companion bought a white tie and drew an awesome design on it for his person.  I find his to be a lot more creative than mine, but I also don’t have access to many of my skills out here in the field like some people do since I need a computer to do most of my things.  Christmas is still going to be great though for at least my Zone with the stuff I and a few others have planned.

Now for something Spiritual.  Since I have been here in the MTC I have begun having what I call “Spiritual Shockwaves.” What these are, are experiences where I almost completely leave reality while either reading the scriptures, listening to devotionals, etc. and have a visual interpretation of the knowledge I am gaining.  They are seriously some of The Most powerful spiritual experiences that I have had in my life.  I have had 2 so far.  The first was when I was reading in Moses in the Pearl of Great Price, and the second was when I was reading about the story of Ammon and King Lamoni.  The spirit was so powerful that I lost track of reality both of these times and was partially visualizing clearly what I was reading.  I don’t know if I have ever had personal Revelation before, or at least at this level of clarity, but regardless of whether I have or haven’t till now, I definitely did these 2 times.  I am looking forward to having more of these.  They both happened after I had surrounded myself with an immense spiritual atmosphere and after reading in the scriptures for at least an hour straight with no breaks.

Last Sunday, I also went and had a personal interview with my Bishop.  It wasn’t because I had to confess something or anything like that, but because it was the last time I was going to be able to see him before I leave the MTC.  He is going on vacation for the next 2 weeks and will be returning after I have already left.  I met with him so that I could share a personal experience with him about something that happened back at home in October before I left.  As a lot of people know I have not always had the finest or relationships with my family members. We of course still all love each other, as family members, but that was about as far as my relationship, from a positive perspective, was with them all went for most of my life.  I am not going to share the entire story here, but back in October I think, my mom and I had a bonding experience that I think really strengthened our relationship.  I was eating Breakfast and my mom was sitting in our orange chair on her phone and asked me what my feelings and thoughts had been about the failed adoption that had occurred some years earlier.  My response was not a positive one, but it was my honest opinion and feelings and thoughts on the matter, which was that I was relieved that we had not adopted the baby, for many more than selfish reasons.  As I expressed to my mom why I felt that we did not need another family member, from my own perspective and thought patterns, my mom’s sad and negative opinion on the experience she and the rest of my family went through with the failed adoption, I assume, became slightly more positive.  If you would like to hear the entire story and what we had both said in the conversation, ask my mom.  She should remember it.  If not, then I will just type out the full story in next week’s email, because it is worth hearing since I feel that the experience and conversation was brought on by the spirit and for the benefit on mine and my mother’s relationship.  This is the experience that I shared, in its entirety with my bishop on Sunday.  He has now asked me go give another talk in Sacrament next week so that I can share this story with my Zone, even though he will be away on vacation.  And speaking of experiences, I have shared quite a few with the people that I have met here, including the one about how my parents got divorced and re-married many years later in a different state.  This story is currently my Districts favorite one.  A few of them say that it seems so unique and different, from other divorce stories, that they think it would make an awesome Drama/Romance Movie, possibly even one that could be turned into a Mormon Message, which I think would be pretty cool.

Merry Christmas Everyone.  Thank you again for all your support towards me and my mission. Enjoy this week and remember the Birth of Christ.


Elder Adam R. F. Scoville


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