Tuesday Dec. 9, 2014 9:43 AM

This was a decent week I suppose.  To start things off, I had the stomach flu.  I started having the symptoms on Sunday night, dealt with the stomach pains and vomiting yesterday, and recovered today, thankfully.  Since I was in bed almost the entire day yesterday, my companion, who had to stay in the apartment with me, and I didn’t really know how things went with our District.  When we eventually found out how the day went for everyone, we were told that Monday was an extremely bitter sweet day for almost everyone.  Although I got to stay in bed most of the day as ordered to by the MTC doctor, it was miserable since this strange Virus had also given me back pains around the area of my stomach.  My companion along with the other 2 Elders in my apartment dorm gave me a blessing at my request which I am very sure helped a lot since I was able to recover after 1 day.  One of the other Elders was bitten by a venomous spider. One of our Teachers had also caught some sort of sickness over the weekend and was given a blessing by the other elders in my district in the classroom.  And one of the sisters who has been struggling with the language nearly as much as I have been was also given a blessing yesterday.  That makes 2 anointed priesthood blessing, 1 priesthood blessing, and a venomous bite that is going to have to be operated on here at the MTC infirmary, which will likely lead to another blessing being asked. Yesterday was great in a spiritual sense, but miserable for almost everyone in a physical sense.

Since my District sometimes has a hard time staying on task since we all get along a little too well, we are often trying to find ways that best keep us focused.  This past week we began doing our scripture study all together as a whole.  This turned out to be extremely beneficial to us all since it not only kept us focused, but also heavily brought the spirit in, and allowed us to really learn from what we were reading in the scriptures. Something interesting that I realized after reading in the scriptures this past week was that when we are told to Declare the Gospel unto the ends of the Earth, that pretty much means to never stop declaring the gospel since the Earth is a Sphere and it has no end.

Also, it seems that the time that I spend going to therapy over the past many years has had some benefit.  This past week, my District had a class on Stress Management, which I have a little more than no knowledge on, and I was able to help my District feel a little more relaxed with themselves and less stressed about their progress.  This is partly because of some of the things that I have learned while researching stress on my own time, because of the things that I have discussed with previous therapists in the past, and because of the goofy nature that I have put on.  My companion is the only one that knows that I am faking most of my personality while I am with our District, but he has also told me that he thinks that I should continue doing it since it is helping everyone else to stay in high spirits.

Usually the hour after dinner is when our District becomes the least productive, and we have all pretty much accepted that.  We use this time to ease our minds, study if we are able to, or to just get most of the joking around out of our systems so that the last 3 hours before bedtime can be used in a productive manor.  When people used to tell me that the spirit that is felt in the MTC is one of the strongest that you will ever feel, I didn´t really understand how and or why.  But now after having been here for nearly 2 weeks, I am starting to gain a better understanding of it.  The 11 missionaries in my District are all from completely different locations in America, and a lot of us have extremely different backgrounds, and yet we have become so close to each other over these past 2 weeks that the only explanation of this would have to be that it was through the power of the Spirit.  I have even noticed that the few times that the spirit has left our presence have been usually the only times that contention has risen between any of us, but at all other times, we get along so well that it seems frustratingly unnatural when you think about it.

I have a few more things that I could add to this letter, but some of them would take away from the spirituality of this letter since they are a little too humorous. Until Next Week.


Elder Adam R. F. Scoville

P.S. I also don´t know how much longer I will be able to keep up this fake personality.  I have dropped it for short periods of time throughout the week and everyone around me as just assumed that I was in a depressed or negative mood.  I know this because they have walked up and asked me if I am doing okay.  I am only keeping it up though for the sake of everyone else since it really seems to help them all. . .


Adam Scoville


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