In Vancouver, WA. Now

Adam called home this morning from the LAX airport on a layover while going to meet his mission president tonight.  Poor kid, he was stressed about not having enough cash to pay for the payphone as it was costing him a dollar per minute.  He wanted to speak some more Spanish for us so we could hear how much he has improved, so he bore his testimony in Spanish.  He mentioned how he was glad to be out of Mexico now as he was tired of hearing police/ambulance sirens all the time, as well as hearing gun shots regularly….UGH!  I’m just hoping it was just a lot of cars backfiring…!

As today was normally his P-day, he did not write to us this week, but I was satisfied that I got to hear his voice, even if only for a few minutes.  It’s amazing how fast time flies.  Adam’s two friends that left for their missions before him will be home at the end of the summer.  And when thinking about it, Adam has already been out on his mission for 6 weeks!  I’m already feeling like I’ve done nothing since he’s been gone.

Thank you to Seth for creating this blog for Adam, and if anybody ever wants to add a comment for any reason, please feel free to do so.  Happy New Year to All!


Here are some family photos from his open house a few nights before he left for the Mexico City MTC.

MICROSOFT - IMG_4844There is Love at Home!

MICROSOFT - IMG_4846   SEE! He CAN smile!

We hope to send another letter from him once he has gotten settled into the mission field in his new area.  Thanks again to all who have had an influence on Adam to make him the man he has become.

Robert Scoville


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