Monday, February 16, 2015 1:57 PM

(Occasionally, Adam voices his opinion about things in a separate email from his main post.  I thought this was a reminder of a familiar Adam we might all remember…we all have bad days now and then…)

This PDay currently sucks.  I am unable to really do anything since there are a bunch of young men here taking up a portion of the gym (makes sense, since it’s a holiday, and kids are out of school).  The volleyball is missing which means I having nothing to hit to release tension and frustration, and a portion of my Zone isn’t here and I do not know why.  My zone was supposed to be playing a really cool game called scatter ball today which I have been looking forward to trying out at some point for the last 6 weeks.  I am actually really starting to get sick of some things out here that I am noticing.  I honestly don’t care if people mean well with their intentions, but I am getting very fed up with people not following through with what they say they will do.  This goes for missionaries, members, and investigators alike.  There are only so many times that something can “come up” or that they can just “forget” again and again.

(although Adam wrote this earlier in the day, his temperament seemed to have gotten better later on…)

Week 6   (5:33 PM)

I have something pretty cool to tell everyone.  I was able to give my first Priesthood Blessing this past week.  It was a blessing for the sick and afflicted.  The guy’s name is Hector Vargas.  He is the less active brother who was very excited to come back to the church.  Him and his girlfriend have been really sick for the past 2 weeks and it has only been growing worse, so my companion and I offered to give them a Blessing to help with their conditions.  When I blessed Hector, it was amazing.  The spirit that I felt personally was completely different from how I felt the spirit when I received my patriarchal blessing, and went through the endowment session in the Temple.  When I began to speak and give the blessing, I literally lost the ability to think and say what I wanted or thought I should or would say.  My body and mouth was almost like a mediator between Hector and the Spirit.  The only words I spoke were exactly what I was being told to say.  I had absolutely no idea how awesome it feels to give blessing to people.  I don’t know if everyone remembers me talking about “Spiritual Shockwaves,” but this was definitely another one for me, which now makes 3 in total since I left on the Mission.

I also completed my first transfer, as of either tonight or tomorrow morning, in the field.  Neither myself, nor my companion were transferred, which we were both completely happy with with.  I am Elder Carpenter’s first companion in the 10 transfers that he has gotten to stay with for more than a single transfer of 6 weeks.  My relationships with the zone and the members are improving every week which is a huge help to the work out here since everything runs smoother when everyone is getting along.  Some, more negative, news is that I had my first investigator drop me this past week.  It was last night actually.  His name is Mariano.  He had been considering being baptized and so he contacted his family and asked them what would happen if he was to be baptized into the LDS Church.  They told him that they would disown and cut off all ties with him, which is why he told us that he couldn’t go through with us teaching him anymore. Mariano is in his 40s by the way.  It was very nice how we were able to drop him though.  He let us into his home and explained to us the situation and that he didn’t want his family to just disown him, but that he thought that our knowledge that we had and shared about the Gospel, the Bible, and the Book Of Mormon was “Bonito” meaning beautiful and that we were welcome to come back into his home when ever we wanted.  We left him with our Testimonies (in Spanish) about our faith in the gospel.  His eyes were red almost to the point of tears as if he was conscious of the fact that he knew he would be losing out on many blessing, even though he didn’t quite understand or know what blessing he would be missing out on.  My companion explained to me that this experience was a rare situation with the way that we were dropped.  He told me that often when things like this happen, which are common with the families disowning and stuff, that investigators will just make a phone call or send a text telling us not to ever come back.  But in this case, he let us in, and welcomed us to come back when ever we need or want too.  Over all it was a useful experience for me to have.  I needed to know what it was like to lose an investigator.  I just got lucky with how nice the whole situation went.

That is all for now.  Enjoy the pictures I sent as well. Until next week.


Elder Adam R. F. Scoville

(Adam sent a bunch of pics this week.  See them on the photos page)


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