Feb. 23, 2015 10:24 AM

Week 7

This past week was primarily focused on teaching RCLAs which stands for Recent Converts and Less Actives.  Since we are still working on turning the Group into a Branch, we decided that it would be definitely worth our time to focus on getting the 7 RCLA families more consistent with attending church every week.  We actually have enough people already to establish the Branch, but there is a huge lack of consistency in church attendance to be able to accomplish this, as of now at least.  On Sunday this past week at church, the congregation was one of the fullest that it has been since Elder Carpenter and I came out here, and yet there were still about 20 or so people missing which is way more than enough to get this Spanish Branch started.  Overall things are going well with the Spanish Group.  We completely have the trust of every member and RCLA of the Spanish Group which is extremely helpful to us.

On Sunday night we also got to experience an amazing miracle.  The Spanish Hermanas (Sisters) invited my companion and I to their lesson so that we could meet the less active they were teaching along with her boyfriend.  We were there with them for almost 2 hours, but were able to have an amazing lesson that made the Hermanas and the Less Active and her boyfriend very emotional.  The Hermanas along with the Spanish group having been working on getting these 2 married for the past 8 or so years, but they have just been very unwilling too for a few very big reasons.  In the lesson that we participated in, we promised them that if they were to get married, Heavenly Fsther would prevent any of the fears that they have from coming true.  And because of how strong the spirit was, they both agreed within a matter of seconds on the spot and officially decided that they are now going to finally get married.  What makes this such an amazing miracle is how long others have been trying to get these 2 to get married, and yet after visiting with them for the first time, and through the power of the Spirit, we were able to convince them to get married right away.  It is pretty awesome how as missionaries we have the privilege to make promises of blessings to people in regards to keeping the commandments of Gods.  This case being that if they go through with trying to get married, then the Lord will provide a way and keep them safe while doing so.  On top of that, I also got to meet their son who is a pretty cool kid.  He is 10 years old I believe and he is a gamer, like myself.  While we were there, he was distracting my companion and I with his 3DS (hand held game device) so that he could make Mii characters that represented Elder Carpenter and I.  As he made these characters to represent us, it was obvious that he actually cared about getting this task done.  He went through everything with these characters.  Names, nicknames, age, birthdates, voice tones, clothing, home designs, and even personality types.  He was thorough.  The most amazing thing though was how many of these Missionary characters he has made.  He has made a Character for every single Elder and Sister that he has met.  Elder Carpenter and I were numbers 78 and 79.  And just to prove this all to me, he went through and showed me about 20 of his characters and was able to name them and even recall when he had met them.  It was actually very cool.  He and I also have the same birthday, being July 12th.

Elder Carpenter and I also focused a lot on Finding new people to teach in new areas when we were not working with RCLAs this past week.  Unfortunately we did not find anyone for ourselves to teach, but we did find a lot of people for all of the English Elders that cover the different parts of Longview.  We ended up knocking into 1 investigator who has been wanting to get back in contact with the Missionaries since the day after Christmas and another less member who has also been wanting to get in touch with the Missionaries but has not known how to.  The second person has moved around so much without attending church that her records became lost which is why the English Elders never knew to go by her home and reactivate her.  And those were just 2 of the people that we found.  Although none of these finds help the Group in anyway whatsoever, Missionary work is still be accomplished.

My companion and I also live in a new home now as of last Saturday morning.  We live in a trailer that has been provided by members that live a a large home beside us.  We now live about 10 minutes outside of Longview and are completely surrounded by nature, a perfectly clear and unpolluted sky, and mountains as well as the mountain we are now living on.  The new home has a very nice scenery.

Until Next Week


Elder Adam R. F. Scoville


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