March 16, 2015 12:40 PM

Week 10

I have a lot of things prying on my patience right now. . . I know that the natural man is a hypocrite and I have obviously come to terms with this, like many people in this world have, but regardless of knowing that fact or not, it is still quite the trial when the hypocritical characteristics of people become so obviously apparent in situations.  Especially when there are so many being noticed over such a short period of time, it only makes the frustration towards it worse, thus requiring more patience and more turning out as Jesus did and does instead of turning in as the natural man has, does, and will continue to do. . .  As I read more and more in the scriptures everyday during my Personal Study time each morning, I continue reading about all of these people, both wicked and righteous who would make oaths, or promises about things.  And when they would make these oaths, they would keep them, No Matter What the  circumstance was.  It is crazy how much integrity everyone from the scriptures displayed regardless of how morally correct they acted.  When someone back then made a promise, 99 times out of a 100, they kept it or died trying to keep it.  Even without making an oath people in the Bible and Book Of Mormon would very Very rarely commit to things that they knew they would not be able to follow through with.  And yet now, today, it is so common that there will be something committed to that appears to be backed up with sincerity, and yet later on when it is time for the commitment to be followed up on, all that is found is excuses full of void nothingness which is an oxymoron.  It is just my personal opinion and a side note to this that I find being sick a pitiful excuse to being a reason as to Not Attend Church.  Being bedridden, recovering from an operation or something of its likeness, or just being outrageously contagious are 3 things, but having a runny nose or a sore throat is a pretty lame reason to put between you and your opportunity to feel the Spirit, partake of the Sacrament, and increase or share your knowledge of the Gospel by attending church.  It might not seem like a big deal that church is missed 1 week, but that 1 week could become a domino effect very quickly if missing church over such small things becomes so easy.  I have been working with so many Less Actives out here, many of which have told us why they became less active or inactive and it was all because had become just a little too comfortable with missing church every so often which became more and more often as they let it continue.

Yesterday I had had the opportunity to experience a hint of what it is like to be a parent.  At a members home, while my companion had a conversation with the Dad about his new calling as a Home Teacher, I played with his 3 children.  1 is 10 and female, the next 7 and male, and the 3rd is 2 and female.  It was weird to sit in the middle of the floor, playing a make shift version of soccer with the 7 year old, while acting as a jungle gym for the 2 year old, while assisting the 10 year old with her new cell phone.  There is obviously a lot of multitasking that goes into raising kids, at least when they are younger and just want to play and receive help with things without consideration for what you might already be doing.  It was a good learning experience for me.

My Zone also got to attend the Portland Temple this past week.  It was amazing.  I have now been able to see the interior of 2 Temples, and the Portland Temple is so artistically designed and built.  The experience was a huge Spiritual buff for everyone one of us that went, and I look forward to going again which will be sometime around June I think.  I have a Zone picture to send home as well that was taken at the Temple. One of the other Elders in the Sone has it so it might be send a little later after this email is posted and or shared.

I also went on exchanges twice this past week.  1 exchange was in an English area, and for the other exchange I was left in my own Spanish area with an English speaking Elder.  That day was very nerve racking for me since I had the responsibility of basically doing all of the teaching to anyone that my exchange companion and I went by since he didn’t know Spanish.  It was a stressful day but I was able to pull off and successfully get through all of the lessons that we had.  I was even able to hold a few casual and non-teaching related conversations that day without anyone’s help since I had no Spanish speaking Elder with me to rely on.  As much as I still dislike the sound of this language, I’m getting better and better with speaking it.

I hope and am praying for things to remain well and or improve for all those going through rough experiences right now back home.

Until Next Week.


Elder Adam R. F. Scoville


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