March 2, 2015 5:05 PM

Week 8

We had 2 phenomenal lessons which I was honestly unsure we be able would top  throughout the rest of this week.  One was with Hector and his family again, and the other was with Isabel, who technically wasn’t even our investigator anymore since we turned her over to the Hermanas that we share the area with.

Our lesson with Hector, Nicole, and Zac was accompanied by the Spanish Group Leader Brother Evans who is also a Federal Judge.  A Federal Judge that they are very familiar with in an emotionally negative way because of something they went through involving a child and him as a Judge 6 month prior to now.  Before this specific lesson, we had given them warning about Brother Evans and who he was in relation to the Spanish group that they would be joining.  The only reason we knew of their previous involvement with Brother Evans was because of Brother Evans recognizing their names when we had brought them up at a ward correlation meeting.  When we got to their home and they saw Brother Evans, their reaction to him was great.  They expressed that they hold absolutely no hard feelings towards him and that they actually found him to be an extremely fair Judge who was simply doing his job and that it would be unreasonable for them to hold anything against him for what happened.  In other words, they were 100% forgiving towards him and actually glad to get to see him again outside of a work environment.  Brother Evans in one of the mains reasons that Hector and his family have been doing well over the past 6 months.  He pushed for them to get a solid source of income, to clean up their lives, and other things.  Brother Evans had been nervous of coming with us to teach them since he was unsure of any harsh feelings that they would possibly have for him.  So when they were happy to see him, he felt a huge amount of relief.  And all of this wasn’t even part of what happened in the lesson.  Our lesson with them was about the importance of daily scripture study and how to effectively study in the scriptures.  We read and discussed 1 Nephi 19:18-24 with them, and while we did so, they were asking questions, sharing thoughts, and listening intently.  But what I found to be the coolest part of all of this was how Zac had been reading ahead and looking for more things to ask questions about.  Towards the end of the lesson, the entire discussion turned into Hector and Nicole having a conversation and being taught by Brother Evans primarily, and Elder Carpenter teaching and answering all of Zac questions primarily.  Since I was in the middle of everyone I just bounced back and forth while also looking for good scripture references to share with all of them to assist my companion and brother Evans with answering all of the questions.  Eventually, Brother Evans and Nicole both had separate places that they needed to go to, so we closed the lesson with a prayer.  And right after they left, we basically had another lesson with Zac and Hector since Zac still had more questions to ask and have answered.  Zac is the investigator who has only recently starting learning about the Church and the Gospel and yet he is an amazing example to Hector and Nicole since he has been setting aside so much time to read in the Book Of  Mormon on his own.  Zac had read 30+ pages before we got there that day,can’t he explained to us that since he has a hard time understanding it, he usually re-reads everything 2 but more often 3 times.  This means that he had already read through 1 Nephi 15 about 2-3 times over.  After this visit we gave him 3 chapters in the Book of Alma to read concerning the story of Ammon with King Lamoni.  He has expressed to us that he is fascinated with how Heavenly always helps his Prophets on the Earth by giving them aid and assistance through the Spirit.  After this lesson, Elder Carpenter and I were completely convinced that Zac along would definitely be receiving an answer to his prayers regarding the Book Of Mormon being true.  He reads it so intently and for the purpose of gaining an understanding that he is basically guaranteed to receive an answer as long as he remembers to pray when he is finished.  His plan is to read straight through the entire book before he decides whether or not it is true.  And I honestly think he will actually read through the entire book which would be amazing.

The second phenomenal lesson with Isabel was so great because someone in between this visit and our last had convinced Isabel that The Book Of Mormon had to be blasphemy since it was a book made in addition to the Bible . . . and that all anybody should need is the Bible.  Although she was quick to let us in, she did so in a very bitter manner since this is what she had been planning on questioning us about.  We also had a Priest from the English ward with us which is how we were able to get in.  (There was no man home with Isabel making this a single women situation). While my companion listened to her concerns and politely shot down all sense of doubt that she had, I translated all that I understood to the Priest that we had with us so that he could know where the lesson was at.  Eventually he bore his testimony to her which was translated into Spanish by Elder Carpenter, and I expressed our purpose in showing so much care and concern for her and explained to her that she would made an amazing member in the church and that she could help so many people strengthen their testimonies which is why we wanted to her gain one of the Book Of Mormon so much. Out of everyone I have been able to teach so far, no one has had as much knowledge of the Bible as Isabel.  Her Bible looks like it’s been through multiple generations worth of hands and has countless markings in it with book marks everywhere, not to mention how many Bible stories she can recite off hand and relate to situations on the spot.  When she heard this, she was emotionally touched and decided to forget her doubts and go back to reading the Book Of Mormon so that she could try her hardest to gain a Testimony.  All in all, this harshly bitter lesson turned into a very sweet one by the end.

These were the 2 highlights.

Until Next Week


Elder Adam R. F. Scoville


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