March 23, 2015 12:14 PM

Week 11

This week was laid back.  I do have 2 note worthy experiences to share with everyone from this week though.

Hector and Nicole received some rough news this week from their family which put a potentially huge dent in their plans for marriage and baptism on the 18th and 25th of April.  They explained how last time that she was about to be baptized and that they were about to be married back when they lived in Vegas, they were hit by a huge trial, which is now the reason they live here in Washington, and that they felt like the same thing was happening now again.  My companion was also very exhausted when we went over for this lesson (he still doesn’t know why he was so exhausted) and so I had to take it over.  Getting promptings from the Spirit is very interesting.  It subtly suggests an idea to you based on the knowledge that you have and leaves you with the choice to either act on the promoting, or to ignore it.  In this case, a Mormon Message called “Good Things To Come” just popped into my mind.  There is a huge number of Mormon Messages that all have their different uses, and yet to have one specific one just pop into the mind in a situation where no other possible peace of content could have been more piercing to their souls is just amazing.  I was able to teach a lesson on never letting go of the Gospel no matter how difficult the trials we are faced with become, because it is often in these trials that our Faith is really tested, and that if we can make it through these specific trials, we will be immensely afterwords.  My companion told me that this was probably the best lesson that I’ve taught so far since he’s been training me.  So now knowing this fact, I need to make sure that as many lessons in the future can be of this quality also for the benefit of the people that I have the opportunity to teach.

On Tuesday I went on an exchange again where I was left with the Spanish area with an English Elder as my companion.  But it was fine.  I was able to handle it better this time.  The lesson I taught that day was also one of the most powerful lesson I have had the opportunity to be apart of now since I’ve been out on the mission.  Late on Tuesday night, after a failed Spanish Group activity that hardly anyone showed up to, I made the decision to go over to the home of this Less Active named Ana Gourley.  I honestly didn’t know what I was going to teach her when we got there.  I was mainly just focused on finding something to do for the last hour of the evening and she seemed like a productive option that I could practice my Spanish on while also inviting the spirit more powerfully into her home.  When we got there, her little apartment was packed full of people since they were having a party.  To put the whole situation into perspective, what I saw through missionary’s eyes inside of her home was was 1 Less Active, 2 Members, 1 Recent Convert, and 2 investigators.  And that isn’t even including myself and my companion nor the 2 Spanish Sisters who were already there before us for dinner and to teach the Recent Convert with a member present.  The whole situation is a long story behind why my companionship and the Spanish Sisters share this family.  But when we first walked in, everyone was busy doing something.  Ana Gourley and her boyfriend Carlos (investigator) were talking with 1 of the members and her husband (other investigator) while the Sisters taught Ana’s son (Recent Convert).  My exchange companion and I awkwardly just sat in the middle of everything not exactly knowing what to do for the first 10 minutes that we were there.  During this time I just decided to prepare a short lesson on the principle of the Atonement in Spanish as I waited patiently for an opportunity to grab Ana and her boyfriend’s attention.  Eventually I just felt the need to stand up (and having an above average), I basically grabbed the attention of the entire room in an instance.  Now having it, I politely asked if I could share something with them before leaving since it was nearing our time to go home and I just testified of the Atonement, in Spanish.  I was not conscious of this until just as we left, but as I taught, and through the Spirit, I literally Commanding the presence of the room with absolute spiritual power.  Not a single person in the room was distracted by anything, which was amazing since this was a party.  Even the Spanish Sisters paused their lesson for me when I stood up.  It was pretty cool.  I sort of felt like one of the prophets from the Old Testament or Book Of Mormon when they would preach and testify and the audience would listen with disregard for all other possible distractions around them.  I am looking forward to future lesson like this one.  It is an invigorating feeling as a missionary being like a mediator between the ones being taught, and the Spirit doing the teaching.  When my exchange companion and I grabbed our bags to leave, everyone in the room looked as if they had just been in a trance of some kind because of how focused they all were on what was being testified.  It was a good experience.

I have transfers next week and I have been told by a lot of Elders and Leaders that it is very likely that I may be transferred to a new area.  My feelings on the matter are pretty nonexistent since both staying or leaving are fine with me.

Until Next Week


Elder Adam R. F. Scoville


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