March 9, 2015 12:59 PM

Week 9

The best way to describe this past week is with the word: Bittersweet.  I tried to find another word that was stronger but I was unable to.  This week truly was Bittersweet for me and I am sure a few others. . .

I got to experience my first President’s Interview on Tuesday last week.  It was honestly a good interview, for myself, but I can’t say the same for some of the other members in my Zone. . .

On Saturday, I had an awesome day of Missionary work.  Elder Carpenter and I were able to finally teach the Law Of Chastity to Hector and his family which is an important one since him and his fiancé are still not married but are getting close to their marriage date.  We have been waiting off on this lesson until we could bring members with us to share with them their own positive experiences from following that commandment and how it brings so much trust into a relationship.  This lesson was probably the strongest member present lesson I have been apart of now.  We brought Sister Evans and Brother Evans who is the group Leader and also Federal Judge that they are familiar with, with us for the lesson.  Sister Evans just talked and talked and talked about how awesomely she sees her own marriage and about how much she is grateful for the Law Of Chastity in her life and how much it can bless anyone who follows it.  Yet again, we had another fantastic lesson with Hector and his family.  I know that all of these lessons with them seem 1 sided since: we teach them Principle, they except and agree with principle, they commit to principle, everyone is happy.  But every lesson with them has been a miracle since they are so quick to understand the importance of each principle we teach them and so quick to immediately begin changing their lives.

On Saturday, the Spanish group also held an activity which in Spanish basically means gambling.  It was just a Bingo Night.  Elder Carpenter and I had to rush back from another town in order to make it to the activity in time, and about 10 minutes before we arrived, I was overcome with a feeling of excitement, happiness, and reassurance towards the evening.  Obviously I excepted these feelings since anyone loves being happy, but I was also trying to figure out why they had just appeared out of no where.  An answer to this came quick.  When we got to the church, the first thing that Elder Carpenter and I saw were 2 families which equaled about 19 people.  2 of the families that we have been teaching showed up to the activity and basically brought their entire family with friends.  Best part about the 2 specific families that showed up is that they both live in different cities, but they are both related and Elder Carpenter and I had knocked into both of them separately only find out a few weeks after teaching both of them that they are all related and know each other!  Another fun fact of the evening was how all of these investigators were here, Before the members of the group.  The only members of the group there already were the group leaders and their wives.  The activity lasted just over 2 hours and the investigators all has a ton of fun and were able to meet almost all of the members of the group, as they all eventually showed up.  We had been trying to get these 2 specific families to the church for over a month now, so seeing them both show up and meet the members of the group and even have a great time was phenomenal for Elder Carpenter and I.  The members of the group were also ecstatic to see all of these people that could potentially become members in the group.  It was an awesome evening.

On a side note, last night Elder Carpenter and I also went back to a home that we knocked into over a month ago to find and begin teaching this guy named Claudio again who had only been taught 1 lesson.  Instead of finding him home, we found his girlfriend home who told us that he was away at work, And that she had just picked up this book that we left him with (The Book Of Mormon of course) and had read only the first 31 chapters into it and that she had some questions!  Even I had to fight back losing my composure when I heard her say this because it was just insane for someone who has never even met with us to just grab the book and read the first 31 chapters of it.  Most Hispanics that I have met out here are not very into reading by the way, and often can’t read very fast in either English or Spanish.  So that is why this was so amazing that she had read that much on her own.

What made this week miserably bitter as well was how my Zone lost 2 extremely good missionaries. . .  One of them, Elder Holt, went home last week on Wednesday because of a shoulder injury that he got a few months ago.  And the injury was entirely Not his fault.  The whole story behind it is really ironic and sad.  He was a very good missionary and he plans to come back out as soon as possible, which will hopefully be within the next few months.  The other missionary to go home actually just left this morning today.  It was Hermana Anderson who is one of the Spanish sisters sharing the area with Elder Carpenter and I.  She also had a medical issue that she has to go home and have some work done on.  She also plans to come back out but doesn’t know if it will be a few weeks, or a few months before she returns.  It was very sad to have to say good bye to these 2 missionaries since they were both so excellent. . .

I am also getting ready for an exchange on Tuesday that will be starting right after my Zone’s Temple trip that day.  During this exchange, I will be running my area basically on my own since the Elder that will be with me is English speaking and won’t exactly be able to communicate with any of the people that I teach.  I am extremely nervous since I am still not very confident in my Spanish.  This will literally force me to just go on Faith for the day, so it will definitely be an interesting experience for me.

Until Next Week


Elder Adam R. F. Scoville


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