Mon. April 13, 2015

Week 14

Elders Reid, Ward, and I taught an excellent lesson yesterday to 2 investigators that the Hermanas gave to us since they were transferred out of the area.  The names of the investigators are Sadie and Brian.  They are siblings and both between ages 18-21 putting them at the same age range as me and my companions.  When they let us in, we were completely direct with them about what our purpose was in coming over, and how since the Hermanas were no longer covering this area, they had been turned over to us and we had just popped by to get to know them and see where they were at in the lessons and stuff.  Elder Reid was very anxious at the moment since he had to use the bathroom and wasn’t actually expecting to get into this home, so he just started teaching and Elder Ward and I just tagged along for a few minutes until he realized we hadn’t had a prayer yet to start the lesson.  So we had a prayer, and the moment the prayer was over, the 3 of us were all definitely able to feel the Spirit and we all became synced in both mind and action.  We all agreed immediately that Sadie and Brian needed to be taught the Plan Of Salvation, so we began teaching it to them.  As we went through the lesson and covered all the points, we eventually got to the point of Our Life Here On Earth, and Elder Ward and I kind of just transitioned the lesson into the Doctrine on Christ and perfectly tied all of the points in of that lesson together as we fluently bounced back and forth teaching every point at such a steady speed and with so much clarity that it was actually making Sadie and Brian noticeably excited to hear the following point.  After teaching the Doctrine Of Christ and bringing the lesson back to the Plan Of Salvation we tied it off with all of our Testimonies, explained how this plan is so amazing, why we were serving mission and spending nearly all of our time trying to share this message with others, and ended with a prayer and left them with a reading assignment in the Book Of Mormon.  The best part about how the lesson ended was how Brian actually offered to say the prayer without us asking him too and he said the prayer exactly right, opening in the name of Heavenly Father, Giving thanks for his and his sister’s blessings, asking for help and guidance in some things and closing in the name of Jesus Christ.  When we left their home, my companions and I all were in complete agreement that this was the best lesson that we had taught together so far.  All of us had been following the promptings of the Spirit, we all just knew exactly when to speak and what to speak about, the clarity behind how we taught was obvious, and the Spirit was heavily felt by everyone in the lesson.  During this entire visit as well, Brian and Sadie’s younger 2-3 year old sister had been watching some videos with the volume turned all the way up on the tablet throughout the lesson and yet I don’t remember any of us really ever getting distracted or losing focus during this visit.  It was crazy because right after Brian closed the lesson with the prayer and we all said Amen, it’s like a bubble of Spirit around us just popped and all of a sudden the noise from the tablet became annoying.  Brian and Sadie noticed it right away too.  The spirit had just seemed so strong around the 5 of us that it had just blocked out all possible distractions so that this 2 in 1 lesson could be had.  Being encompassed in a solidified bubble of spirit was a pretty unique experience though.  It was like a sphere of peace and tranquility where nothing else around us could cause any feelings of negativity or distraction to come into any of our minds.

It was just a good lesson overall, and it got me excited for future lesson similar to it.
I got to bear my Testimony in Sacrament yesterday as well.  I don’t understand, but no matter how many times I bear my Testimony, it is still always hard to get up.  Sharing it is the easy part, just standing up is the hard part for me.  This was actually the 2nd Fast and Testimony Meeting that I’ve gotten to attend for this month.  The week before Conference when I was still in Longview, the Spanish group had 1 and I bore it there, and the week after Conference, here in Gresham, the Spanish Ward had 1 and I bore it again.  My current goal is to bear my Testimony at every single Fast and Testimony Meeting that I attend while serving the Mission.  Hopefully sooner than later, standing up will become easier, but oh well until that happens, there isn’t really any rational reason as to why I shouldn’t be bearing my Testimony every Fast and Testimony as a Missionary anyways.
I also got to go on a hike today.  I regret going because it took up way to much of my P-Day.  The Zone left at 10:48 am and got back at 2:32 pm.  It more or less took up the majority of the day.  The hike was sort of fun.  I got to see an amazing view when I got to the top, but what made it regretful for me was primarily how slow the majority of the Zone took the hike.  Even now after I’ve had all of my experiences in scouting, and even obtained my Eagle, I still hate following the buddy system, even though I know how important it is to follow for the sake of our own safety. . . The backtrack down the mountain was fun.  1 of the Elders offered to sprint down the mountain with me.  So we sprinted down the mountain which was pretty fun.  I almost felt like I was walking in slow motion at some points because of how slow a lot of the other Elders and Sisters were moving.  I will send some of the pictures I took later.
Hope everyone had a good week like I did.
Until next week.
Adam R. F. Scoville
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