Mon. April 20, 2015 7:48 PM

Week 15

There were some interesting experiences and things that I had and learned about this past week.  Things which I am not allowed to talk about since the members in my mission have not exactly been forbidden from mentioning what happened, but have been counseled not to openly discuss it in order to not help the information spread faster than it already shouldn’t be.  I found out from one of my Zone Leaders who I went on exchanges with, that because of the area that I am serving in, it is very likely that I will be faced with situations where I will be casting out devils similar to how it was done in the New Testament.  That did make me nervous to hear, but it will make for some interesting an memorable experiences.  As I continue serving here in Gresham and also in a portion of the Portland area, I am quickly beginning to realize just how miserable these 2 cities are.  Las Vegas has a lot of misery as well, but it still also has a lot of other things that make it at least an exciting place to live.  But here in Gresham and Portland, all there is, is the nice nature in parts, which not many of the people who are miserable, are consciously admiring.  So many people here, both homeless and home owning, working and jobless, just look as though they have little to no purpose in this life.  This is just a very depressing place . . . Which is why I am thankful that depressing things don’t usually have a very big impact on me, if they even do at all.  If these kinds of things were to effect me more, then that would suck for the area I am working in.  So I’m glad that they don’t.
My companions and I put 3 people On-Date for Baptism this past week.  All 3 people were 100% aware of what they were committing to work towards, and were in no way whatsoever pressured into accepting the Baptismal date.  The power of the Spirit worked so effectively that all 3 of these people basically would have been denying what they were feeling had they not accepted.  1 of them even openly accepted reluctantly and told us that, had she not felt the power and influence that she was feeling, she would not have committed to the Baptism Date.  The lesson with these 3 different people always go so well.  They are definitely people who have been prepared and who are elect for us to be teaching at this time.
On Sunday, my Bishop asked me to give a 10-15 minute Talk in Sacrament this up coming Sunday.  At first I was extremely freaked out and dead silent when he asked me, but after a moment of thinking about it, I accepted.  Although it is going to be extremely hard to give a Talk in Spanish since I don’t really think that my Spanish is good enough for a Talk of that length, giving this Talk and just exercising Faith in the power of the Gift Of Tongues will surely prove beneficial to me in the long run.  This Talk is definitely going to be a bittersweet experience for me.  The topic is how the Gospel has blessed the life of my Family.  For me and my Family, that is probably one of the easiest possible topics I could have been given, so the only really struggle will just be the language barrier.
I have another Zone Conference tomorrow, so I am looking forward to hearing from my Mission President and his Counselors.  It will be a good spiritual buff for the next few weeks for the members in the the 2 Zones in the Portland and Gresham areas.
Keep going to church everyone.  Church is true, all doubts you have are just the adversary being a pest, who isn’t even worthy of a more derogatory term.  Strengthen your testimonies always and never let yourself think that your Testimony in the church is strong enough.  Until a perfect knowledge of the gospel is acquired, there is always room for improvement, and a perfect knowledge more often than not, will Not be achieved in this lifetime.
Until next week.
Elder Adam R. F. Scoville


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