Oops! I missed Week 12 & 13

Week 12

I received my transfer letter this passed week.  I am being moved to Gresham down in Oregon for my 2nd area.  I will be getting the opportunity to serve in a Tri-panionship, meaning that I will have 2 companions instead of just 1.  I am excited for this since I have been looking forward to one of these since I was in the CCM in Mexico.  From what I understand, and what I’ve figured out for myself, Tri-panionships come with a lot of bonuses that normal companionships don’t have access too, and also a lot of extra frustrations.  It will be a very different learning opportunity, especially since my soon to be 2 new companions, starting on Wednesday, were 2 of Elder Carpenters favorite Elders throughout the mission that he had the chance to serve with as companions earlier on.

I’ve only had one really nice spiritual experience from this past week.  On Friday evening, when Elder Carpenter and I were out in Woodland, our final door knock for the night turned out to be a cliché miracle door.  I was the one who knocked it meaning that I had to do the talking.  I just asked the person how they were, told him who we were, why we were there, and asked if we could come in.  He then let us in and we proceeded to share with him and his family of 5 the Restoration of the Gospel.  We then gave them a Book Of Mormon in Spanish, exchanged phone numbers, names, and contact info, and we left and went straight home being satisfied with the evening.  This whole experience was as straight forward as it gets for a Miracle Door Knock.  Now I just hope it stays this great all the way through all of the lessons.

I got to exercise some patriotism yesterday literally 15 minutes before church.  My companion and I were on our way to some Less-Actives home’s to check and see if they were planning on coming to church, and on the way out of one of the apartment communities we stopped by, the apartment complex’s American flag had been awkwardly and disrespectfully tied to its pole near the bottom.  I didn’t even notice it as a bad thing when my companion first pointed it out to me, since I’m honestly not the most patriotic.  But we parked the car and went to try and fix it.  The pole was about 25 feet high, and the flag’s rope was tied in a knot about halfway up the pole.  Neither of us could untie it at first, so I had to make-shift jump climb the pole to get it untied.  Then we had to reattach the Flag properly to the top of the pole which seemed pretty ridiculous since we had absolutely no way of getting that high.  Instead of climbing the pole, I held Elder Carpenter up with him standing on both of my hands while he took out the 2 bolts keeping the top half of the pole stable.  Unfortunately, even after getting the pole down and the flag back on, and the top pole attached back onto the bottom pole, the Flag wouldn’t stay on because it’s own bolt was too worn out which caused it to just slide right back off the pole literally RIGHT as we got it back up.  And to get the pole back up, I wasn’t able to just hold Elder Carpenter along with the weight of the pole, so he stood on my back instead and I just became a really tall foot stool for him while he put the pole back in.  Their combined weight was maybe about 180 pounds.  That exercising in the morning every so often is paying off haha.  Since the Flag wouldn’t stay, we gave it to someone who lives in the community to give to the manager so that the whole problem could be fixed later.  Regardless of whether or not our efforts payed off towards what our immediate objective was, they were payed off none the less.

The missionary work application to all of this became very apparent as we drove off to Church which we were now late for.  First off, we were still in our suits while we did all of this, and it was completely visible that we were both Mormon Missionaries.  Second, there were about 20 cars that passed by us, both that were entering or leaving the community, and that were just driving through the general area who honked, waved, and cheered at us for doing what we were doing since it was in such an open area.  The reason this was so awesome is because now, everyone of those people who saw us, and there were even far more than 20 cars that passed us, will probably have a could trusting idea of missionaries in their minds now.  So now in the future, when more Missionaries eventually find them all, they will already have a pre-developed good opinion of us.

It was just so clear that Heavenly Father had blatantly blessed us with a chance to basically “show-off” the good character of Missionaries for obvious future benefits.  It’s cool to think about it for me.  It really is true that sometimes, when you’re just paying attention, there are some extremely obvious miracles that he provides for us all, whether they be for out own personal benefit, or for the benefit of the work in the long run.

Until next week.

Elder Adam R. F. Scoville


Week 13

I had a long slow week.  Transfers just made the week seem very slow and tiring.  For spiritual experiences this week, the only miraculously note worthy one is how my ability to speak Spanish skyrocketed this week.  I don’t really understand how it happened, aside from the obvious gift of tongues, but I just started being able to speak a lot more fluently this past week.  It’s not that my vocabulary has a large increase but that all of the words that I do know already just started syncing in allowing me to access them faster and actually speak as though I know what I’m saying.  My knew companions are both pretty fun guys.  They go home after this transfer though so they are currently very easily distracted.  But we are still getting work done.  In my new area, we have about a little over 400 investigators, Less Actives, and Recent Converts to work with.  Our work is heavily cut out for us.  The members here are excellent and amazing though.  They are all so missionary minded and ready to hasten the work.  Conference was also great.  The talk on families and marriage by Elder Christofferson was by far my favorite.  It was so clear and concise and too the point.

I’m sorry that my email was short this week, but I’m sure that I will have more things to share next week.

Hope everyone had a great and spiritual Easter.

Until next week.


Elder Adam R. F. Scoville


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