May 4, 2015 10:04PM

Week 18

I taught a lesson about Temples this past week to a younger women who
is a recent convert. She has been preparing to go to the Temple with
her husband for sometime now. This lesson was cool because it was a
lesson that hadn’t been planned for at all. I was on splits with a
Spanish member and our original planned lesson got moved back by an
hour forcing the member and I to find something else to do. So I
decided we could check on a recent convert and see how she was doing.
Since I was the one controlling the situation, I needed to come up
with something to teach her. While the member I had with me basically
made small talk with the recent convert, I just sat back and pondered
for a moment as I tried to think of something to teach this women.
Then, the spirit reminded me of something that I had read on Gospel
Library about Temples 2 months earlier. So I quickly pulled it up in
English and skimmed through it, deemed it as good for the situation
not knowing why I needed to talk about Temples, then (tapped into the
wifi) so that I could download the content I needed in Spanish, and
shared a lesson on Temples and how they are a “Refuge from the Storms
of Life.” And usually when I am teaching in Spanish, I don’t pay a
huge amount of attention to the demeanor of others since I am often so
focused on speaking the language, so when I ended the lesson that I
had, I immediately noticed that the women had been crying and she
explained to me that this was exactly something that she needed to
hear since she has been working so hard towards making it to the
Temple with her husband and that this was something she needed to hear
to help her not give up. I love working with the Spirit. It can
reveal such unique information to those that are wielding its
influence. I would not have taught about Temples had the Spirit not
told me too by reminding me of the thing on Temples I had read a few
months prior. It was nice because it reassured me that as long as we
have the Spirit with us and we are listening to it, we will always
know what to do in any given situation. It also reassured me that I Do
in fact have the Spirit with me since, had I not had it, I would not
have been able to know of the heart piercing lesson this women needed
to hear regarding Temples.

My companionship had a Baptismal interview with one of our
investigators today. Next Sunday, the person we have been teaching
for the the past 3 weeks named Brian is going to be getting baptized.
We are very excited for this. I am as well since this will be my
first baptism that came from my works so far out here on the mission.

I hope everyone has a good Mother’s Day this next Sunday.

Until Next week.

Elder Adam R. F. Scoville

P. S.
– I think that I started numbering the weeks incorrectly, so I think
this is actually week 18.


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