July 6, 2015 – Fireworks!

Week 27

I met some strange people this week.  My companion and I tried talking to a lot of people in a few locations this week including a street with 2 extremely busy bus stops. When we approached the first bus stop, a shirtless short Japanese man walked up to us and asked us for our identification and told us that he was going to need to see it before allowing us to pass through to Mexico.  After we cleared up wherever that conversation would have gone he told us that he used to be a Marine for the U.S and that all white people do is sit back and tell other people to go fight their wars for them. That is obviously false.  He then pointed at my companion calling him white implying what he had just said towards him, and pointed at my saying that I was probably half white and half black which I was surprised by when he guessed that accurately.  He is now the first person on the mission to guess correctly what my 2 ethnicities are, and that I have 2.  Missionaries, members, and other random people still guess Hispanic or Polynesian.  We again tried to turn the conversation towards something more productive again, and asked him if he had a Faith in Jesus Christ.  He replied yes, and so we asked him how he practiced his faith.  He then took a fighting stance and while simultaneously karate chopping the air horizontally, he said “I Kill!”  He then went on to say a few more hilarious things that made hardly any sense, we gave him a card and parted ways.  He was drunk also.  My companion and I had to stop laughing since we were out in public around many people that could see us and were staring at us before and after we began laughing.
I also had a productive lesson with one of our investigators this week as well.  The man’s name is Mike (he is white but his family is Hispanic) and he has been having trouble with quitting smoking for the past many years.  He knows the church is true, is raising his daughters in the gospel, his wife is a baptized member, but his smoking problem is the only thing holding him back.  He finally committed to quitting though by beginning to attend to Church’s Addiction Recovery Program.  He is excited to to quit and is always very open about this issue with us and basically everyone since he knows it is the only thing holding him back right now from being baptized, going to the temple, having the Priesthood, etc.  We are excited for him and his wife has privately thanked us since she has been wanting him to quit for so long so that he could be baptized and eventually baptize his 3 young daughters.
My Mission will be getting Facebook back within the next few days maybe even so I will be posting spiritual message on Facebook again hopefully very soon.
I hope everyone had a great Independence Day.  Mine was fine.  My Mission President gave my mission permission to stay out past 11:30 to watch the fireworks which was fun and a huge change of pace in regards to our typical schedules.  We were still expected to be up by 6:30 the next morning though.  My District (4 Elders, 2 Sisters) and a Recent Convert of the Sisters went out to the Columbia River and watched all of the fireworks in Vancouver.  They were all pretty small from how far away we were but it was a very different perspective of fireworks from what I’m used to in Las Vegas.  It was like watching a sea of colorful light above a dark forest accompanied by multiple explosive noises occurring every second for nearly 2 hours.  It was pretty cool.  It sounded like a full scale battle going on over in Vancouver with all of the explosions happening frequently.
I’m looking forward now even more to who the 2 new apostles will be since now Elder Perry and Elder Packer have passed away.  I personally hope than 1 of the new Apostles will be Tad R. Callister.  He is my favorite speaker and individual to study the works of outside of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles and the First Presidency.  He is a very intellectual speaker in my opinion.
I also still don’t like Portland. And the new law that the Supreme Court just passed has not helped that opinion I have of this place at all.  Have a good week everyone.
Elder Adam R. F. Scoville


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