June 29,2015 – Very “Interesting” People

Week 26

So to start this off, I was approached by a “Hard Core American-Indian,” as he put it, at a Tacobell a few days ago who just noticed that my companion and I were LDS Missionaries.  He was an interesting guy.  He told me about 8 times over a 15 minute conversation that I was “Weird” but pronounced it like “wurd.”  Then he told me that I was crazy for wearing a scarf in the summer (that one was fair), and that he felt as though I didn’t graduate high school and that I am horrible at “the mathematics.”  It was pretty funny and ridiculous.  He was obviously homeless but he didn’t seem 100% crazy.  He is actually the 1st person in my life that I have ever met that noticed that my eyes aren’t aligned on my facial structure.  1 eye is slightly higher than the other one and no one aside from myself, from what I know, has ever noticed that.  And he acknowledged it almost immediately when he saw me.  He just said to me, “you have weird eyes. . .you’re weird.”
I got to teach a few really cool lesson as well this past week.  I actually can’t believe how much I enjoy teaching people who actually listen to both my words and the Spirit. I can honestly say that I sometimes enjoy teaching just as much as I enjoyed playing video games before the mission.  I’ve always loved sharing knowledge and information wi people.  Especially information that is very unique or important for someone.  And the knowledge we have of the Gospel is extremely important for people to here and it is probably that most unique piece of information that I have to share with others.  It is pretty mind blowing for me personally.  I taught this women over the phone, basically a solo lesson again, and was able to feel the spirit from my end while she felt it from her end and my companion later told me that he could feel it very powerfully as well even though he never said a word.  He was silent since it was only his second day in our area since we had just had transfers and he didn’t know anyone.  Teaching is actually very fun for me and I have been told by every missionary who has heard me teach that my style of doing so is excellent, in both Spanish and English.  English is better of course though.
Running my current area was pretty difficult for me though over these past 5 days that I have been doing it.  My companion and I both don’t know very much Spanish so we are doing our best to just get by.  Things will improve I am sure as we keep diligently studying and working towards being able to speak (for him) and understand (for me) better.
I still don’t like Portland though. Below is why.
There was a Naked Bike Race here in Portland a few days ago. . . I don’t even know how that is legal but it seems to be since there were hundreds of naked people riding there bikes down one of the busiest streets in the City.  I thankfully didn’t see any of it but my companion did and warned me so that I could make the choice to Not look.  This City is so crazy and I just can’t wait to get transferred.  I miss normal people.  This area makes for great crazy stories at least though.
My Mission President also authorized all of the missionaries to stay out till 11:30 pm on the 4th Of July on Saturday.  I don’t have any plans yet buts it’s nice to know that I can. Hope everyone else has a good 4th Of July everyone.
Elder Adam R. F. Scoville


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