May 11, 2015 – Day after Mother’s Day

Week 19
For experiences this past week, my 2 companions were beyond trunky. . . They talked about going home all week long every day.  On the bright side though, our last Sunday of this transfer, being yesterday, we had a baptism.  There were over 50+ members in attendance and I am sure that everyone that was there felt the spirit very powerfully.  On Thursday though, the adversary took probably the biggest shot that he could have taken at my companionship, especially that day being the day before my companions went to their end of the mission Temple Trip.  The less-actives we were visiting were watching the Hangover 3 while we were there and although turned down the volume, they Would Not turn off the movie.  It was Horrific. . .we were there for about 45 minutes and my companions and I ended up generally seeing the last 30 minutes of that abominable movie.  I took the lead on the lesson which thankfully allowed me to see the least of what was on the screen, but one of my companions literally went into shock for over a minute after one of the scenes that took place in the movie.  We laughed about the whole situation afterwards, but we all knew that it was pretty obvious that this was the adversary taking a Big shot at us, or them more specifically right before they went to the Temple.
I Also got to take part in probably the most Apostate thing I have been involved in on the mission so far.  Apostate is when a missionary or missionaries do something that goes against the mission rules.  One of my companions has been serving in my current area for 18 months, and so he wanted to go by our Bishop to “say good bye.”  What happened is that we stayed over at the Bishops home for over an hour until 10:33 pm just talking, and ended up getting home at 10:41 pm.  It was pretty ridiculous but still a apostate experience that I don’t ever expect to have again.  My companionship laughed about it though because we still thought it was funny.
And on Saturday when I got my transfer letter, I believe that I got rebuked by the Spirit.  This entire transfer I had been developing an absolute confidence in myself not being transferred to different area since it just would have made sense for me to stay in my current area and run it since I had just spent the last 6 weeks getting to know the Gresham area with the 2 most knowledgeable Elders this area has ever had in the Mission. Instead I am getting transferred on Wednesday to another new area to turn another Spanish Group into a Branch.  I’ve been told by my companions about my new area and that it desperately needs an Elder like me who is extremely direct and forward moving.  As always, the Lord is sending me to where he can use my attributes most effectively and or to teach me something, like he does for all missionaries, but it still made me a little sad since I was so sure that I knew exactly what was going to happen this transfer.  Nevertheless, I am still kind of excited for another new area.
I hope everyone had a good Mothers Day.
Elder Adam R. F. Scoville


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