July 20, 2015 – Miracles Never Cease

Week 29

Elder Flynn and I got to teach a powerful lesson immediately after our P-Day ended last week.  Obviously that happened a full week ago now, but the spirit that my companion and I felt during that lesson still shakes my conscience a little whenever I think about it.  Last Monday, my companion and I had received a text message during a Nerf War (yes my Zone does Nerf Wars and its awesome) from one of the Members that we visit multiple times a week named Teresa.  She has been having some serious trials in her life especially within the last year.  They have been both physical and emotional trials that would not be viewed as easy for very many people to go through.  She told us that she was about to give in to something that I knew would basically destroy all of the work and spiritual progression she has made over the past year, let alone the past 2 months.

When Elder Flynn and I went over to her home to visit with her that evening, neither of us knew what we should share with her.  We had exhausted every spiritual resource concerning trials within the scriptures, Mormon Messages, and Conference talks within the past 25 years that comfort those going through serious trials.  It is literally ridiculous how many times this woman has needed spiritual comfort to help her get through everything that the adversary has thrown at her in the past 2 months that I have been here in Portland.  So when we went in, we quickly asked her if we could start with a prayer so that we could invite the spirit in, and then we just listened.  We listened for maybe 30 minutes before either of us had something to say that could benefit her and utilize the Spirit.  We were both anxiously awaiting a prompting from the Spirit.

When that finally came, we both spoke and the Holy Ghost basically took absolute control of that lesson.  My companion opened his Gospel Library to locate a Conference talk in order to find a passage to share with Teresa when a random other Conference talk called, “Which Way Do You Face,” popped up instead immediately upon opening the Application.  Neither of us had any idea where it came from since Elder Flynn had not used his iPad since that morning, nor did he have any memory of ever opening or even thinking about that talk.  But it was there, and his eyes were directed towards 3 separate passages within the talk that all just worked wonders for Teresa.

Following that, I ended up saying many things that I had not thought of before the moment that I began speaking, which were so powerfully influenced by the Holy Ghost that they even pierced my own soul causing my eyes to become moist, almost to the point of nearly shedding a tear.  After I stopped speaking for a moment, I felt that my companion and I were going to be giving Teresa a Blessing of Comfort and right as I opened my mouth to say that, my companion told her that he wanted her to receive a Blessing of Comfort from us (Comp Unity). I gave the blessing since she is more familiar with me, and was directed to make some amazing promises to her within that blessing. Following the blessing, I became very bold with her and told her that from now on she was going to have to go through my companion and I before she would be allowed to make a poor decision just because of all the negative sources attacking her right now. After that, we closed with a prayer and got up to leave while she expressed an immense amount of gratitude for us and for Heavenly Father, and told us how comforted she was now and that she was fully prepared to combat the challenges laid down before her.

Elder Flynn and I walked out of that lesson and got into our car to drive home.  Two hours later, the influence of the Spirit that we had, just left, and we both felt it leave at the same time.  My companion and I both agreed that this visit with Teresa must have been so crucial from Heavenly Father’s perspective that everything we said to her in that visit needed to be exactly what she needed to hear which is why all of the promptings from the Holy Ghost seemed so much more crystal clear than usual in that lesson verses other lessons we have where we are sometimes struggling to know what it is that we need to say.  This lesson was another Spiritual Shockwave.

I also experienced some other miracles this past week.  My Mission President called all of the Zone Leaders in my mission on Friday telling them to tell all of their Zones that he has had the inspirational confirmation that there were many elect people to teach ready to be found between that Friday and Sunday evening and that he wanted every companionship to give him a call to tell him of their miracle story of the new person they would find to teach within that period of time.  I don’t know how many people called him as of now, but by around 4:00 pm yesterday on Sunday, a little over half of the companionships in the Mission had given him a call informing them of the miracle they had found and my companionship gave him our call around 8:30 last night.  Permission like that usually isn’t given.  Normally a long and aggravating chain of command has to be traveled up in order to contact the Mission President unless the situation has extenuating circumstances that doesn’t allow the time to follow all of the normal procedures.  But the miracle(s) the my companionship experienced last night was that of putting someone on date for baptism, which completely came out of no where and was not planned for, and finding a golden new investigator that we were able to teach 17 of the 42 principles from Preach My Gospel to in our first lesson with him.  And on top of just last night, Elder Flynn and I just had a good productive week.  We taught over 20 lessons, now 2 weeks in a row, found a bunch of new people to teach, continued with another week of perfect record keeping an everything.  We are planning on going for a 3rd week like this again starting today after our P-Day time is over.

That was some of my week everyone.  Until Next Week.


Elder Adam R. F. Scoville


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