September 14, 2015 – The Mistakes We Make…

Week 37

This was a long and more exhausting than usual week for me.  I did a lot of bonding with some of the missionaries around me, especially those who are in my District, and I received a blessing of comfort regarding some things from my Mission President.

So the most intense day that I had this past week was on Saturday.  I was on exchanges with my District Leader again in the Tongan area again and my Zone was also participating in a Stake wide service activity and all of the Districts in the Zone that were able to show up split off to go to separate locations to do the service with the help of many of the ward members in the Stake.  My district went to an Elementary school to do cleaning and gardening around the school grounds.  We all joked around a lot with each other while we cleaned.  We all really just get along so well.  This has definitely been my favorite district on the mission so far.  There are 8 of us, with 4 Elders, 2 Sisters, and the 2 Hermanas.  We are all probably going to be friends after the mission with how much fun we have all had together and how well we get along and trust each other.  We all spent so much time around each other yesterday and it actually began to feel surreal.  The service we did lasted from 9:00 in the morning to around 1:00 in the afternoon.  Then I and the other 3 Elders went to a barbecue for the Elder’s Quorum for one of the Wards that the Tongan Elders cover.  We enjoyed a lot of high quality steak and other food for an hour before separating to finally go an do some actual Missionary work with it now being a little past 2:00.  So my exchange companion Elder Stone and I went back to his apartment to change out of service clothes since we were still in them, and then left to drive across town for a baptismal interview that had been set up by the English Sisters in our district for one of their investigators.  We were there for nearly another hour before leaving to go try and get something else done before dinner.  Then Elder Stone told me that he forgot to tell me that he his area did not have a dinner that night.  So I suggested that we ask my area if we can just join them for dinner since the family that my area was eating with that night happened to be probably wealthiest family in the ward and they also loved having as many missionaries as possible in their home.  We were able to be invited to the dinner and when we attended it, there were 6 of the 8 members of our district together again. Then after dinner, we went back to meet with the 2 English Sisters, who were not at our dinner, so that Elder Stone could fill out some paper work for their investigator who was now going to be getting baptized.  (This part of the evening was very intense and I will explain why later on in this week’s summary). After we left again, we went to try and get some more work done before ending the exchange and turning in for the night at around 10:00.  The 2 apartments of both our companionship  are far apart from each other.  It was a long and rushed day that felt very long but was very fun and eventful.  There wasn’t really a dull moment in the day.

So the “intense” moment with the English Sisters was very unique.  Earlier in the day when I had last seen them, I had signed one of the Sister’s Transfer Journal.  Her name is Sister Stephens.  What I put in her journal was extremely harsh but also extremely sincere.  I just let her know that she had been the first Sister in my mission that I had not liked, at first . . . But that now I was so glad that we had become such awesome friends and that I was so glad that I had not stuck with my first few impressions of her which were negative since I did not like her at all at first.  It was just a very straightforward entry, which is usually how all of mine are to people since I am so honest and blunt with nearly everyone I meet.  Especially to people that I am closer too since usually they know how I am better and have gotten used to it.  She sarcastically commented on my entry in her journal and told me that she was very angry for the first few seconds but then forgot about her anger as she kept on reading.  This conversation regarding how I did not like her at first lead to hear expressing how she thought that I was going to kill someone at first, meaning that she did not like me at all either and she told me how she hadn’t liked my companion either when she had first met him.  Now that she had shared this information I felt perfectly comfortable telling her about how I wasn’t the only person who had not liked her at first as well and that there were a few others who had felt the same way about her mean that they disliked liked her a lot at first but then came to love being around her once they had gotten used to her personality.  She is extremely flamboyant and loud.  I honestly did not realize how hard she would take that and she moments later went very silent and her eyes watered up just before she expressed how maybe she she should just change personality if so many people hate her at first and it takes people a month before they really honestly start to like her.  Before I could say anything else to fix this, a member walked into the church building and we just all starred at each other in silence until Sister Stephens just told us that we should go and that she was fine even though she obviously wasn’t.  When we left, I had probably one of the most horrible feelings I had ever felt on the mission.  I just felt immense anguish in myself for having brought another missionary, especially a Sister to tears by something that I said. . . I fixed this problem as soon as possible and I let her Sister Trainer Leaders know as soon as possible as well so that all of this could be taken care of since we have transfers this week and I didn’t want her to get transferred out with these negative feelings inside of her.  Everything is fine now and we are good friends again and have both forgiven each other completely. (She wanted me to forgive her as well for her reaction). But I learned quite a bit regarding my feelings and other people’s feelings from this experience.  And I am glad that it happened, now that it’s over, since this experience will probably benefit me greatly in the future.

This is all I have to share for this week since I was very pressed for time today and I apologize for that, but I am sure that I will have something amazing to share next week since I have transfers this week on Wednesday and since my entire mission has been told to attend this meeting, even if we are not getting transferred.  We don’t know what is going to happen, but it is going to be something big since the entire mission is being gathered for this meeting.  I’m looking forward to it and the Spirit that will be there for all of us to feel and learn from.

Have a great week everyone.


Elder Adam R. F. Scoville


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