September 28, 2015 – We Make Eternal Friends

Week 39

Some cool things happened this last week.  One of them being that my Mission President’s Birthday was on Thursday, September 24th and he invited my Zone and the Portland Zone to attend his Birthday Party.  There are 8 zones in my mission and only 2 were allowed to attend his party.  We got to meet his 5 children who are all grown adults and were just able to enjoy the company of the Mission Presidency and all of the missionaries in the 2 Zones, many of which I have served alongside for most of my mission, for a couple of hours that day.  It was a lot of fun just being able to relax amongst each other in that kind of environment.  Things like that happen very rarely so it is a huge privilege to be able to attend or experiences this like that.  Just before the close of the party, the STLs (Sister Trainer Leaders) of the 2 Zones gave President Taylor a gift from the mission which was a book that was composed of the Testimonies and a photo of every missionary in the mission for him to have for ever.  For a moment he was speechless and didn’t know what to say, but then felt compelled to give something back to everyone.  He called over his eldest son and told him to share what ever thoughts were on his mind with all of us.  President Taylor then went on to have his 2 other sons come up 1 at a time and just share the thoughts that we’re going through their mind’s as well.  All of them shared thoughts on the blessing of Missionary work, both in the lives of others, and their lives as members of a family that has a father and mother currently serving the Lord for 3 years.  After the 3 of them had spoken for a few minutes each, President Taylor called up his wife and his 2 daughters which then put his full family standing before the congregation of the 2 Zones of Missionaries.  Then President Taylor began to become a little emotional as he started to speak.  He testified to all of us and promised all of us as our Mission President and as someone who receives personal Revelation for each one so us that our own families that we will eventually have are not so far away as we may remind ourselves on a daily bases.  He told us that these 2 years and 18 months pass so fast, and that the next 45 years of our lives where we will find Wives for us Elders and Husbands for the Sisters start our own families and watch our children grow up and leave to go on to do the same thing will happen so much faster than we can currently understand.  It will almost seem like a blink of an eye 45 years from now for many of us.  It was a very surreal moment for all of the Elders and Sisters when we heard and thought about that those statements.  Although we all had a lot of fun being around each other for a relaxing get together/birthday party, we all ended up feeling the spirit a lot more powerfully than we had expected as we all had looked forward to this event for the past month.

I also got to teach a really cool lesson on Wednesday as well.  I was on exchanges with a new Missionary named Elder Reyes who is my District Leader’s new companion.  His previous companion Elder Jung got his visa and flew to Australia last week for his actually mission call where he is speaking Korean.  He is Korean also.  So in the lesson I had to do nearly all the teaching and talking since Elder Reyes is not only new and a little nervous but he also doesn’t speak Spanish.  The lesson with this family lasted about 3 hours which is way longer than any lesson should ever last but thankfully the lesson was extremely productive and worth the time and effort.  I was able to teach them 27 of the 42 principles that we as missionaries specifically teach to our investigators to prepare them for baptism.  I covered the Doctrine of Christ, the Restoration, parts of the Plan of Salvation, Temple marriage, the Word of Wisdom, Missionary Work, Service, and even the Millennium with them.  The Doctrine of Christ was the original lesson plan but they just kept asking solid and sincere questions that they really wanted to know the answers too.  When people ask questions for the sake of learning and not for the sake of finding fault in what we, the missionaries, are teaching them, it is so much easier and productive for us and our time and their time.  We even were able to get 3 of the 4 that were there in the lesson to willing pray verbally.  Normally even getting 1 person to pray vocally can be very difficult, especially when it is the first time that they have ever been asked to give a real prayer out loud.  But 3 of them did it after I taught them how too and it was awesome.  They were all sincere and good prayers that were done properly opening with the addressing of Heavenly Father and closing the name of Jesus Christ.  We have another set appointment with them on Friday which I am very excited for.  We are even bringing our Bishop who is fluent in both English and Spanish to the lesson to begin  fellow-shipping them. I am very excited for this family.

The person that I baptized named Brian Hernandez 4 months ago is doing good also.  I get to visit him usually twice a week and his home is always one of my favorites to go by because him and his family are just so welcoming to us when we come over.  They view us more as friends than Missionaries at this point but still see us as teachers of the Gospel.  Even if I wasn’t a missionary, they would welcome me into their home at literally any point of the day or during the week regardless of what they would be doing and it is awesome.  I am basically friends with their family for the rest of my life now which is amazing.  I have the privilege of talking to them as both friends and as a Missionary teaching them the things that I understand and know about the Gospel.  We often end up doing side by side lessons with the Hermanas in their home as week since the Hermanas work with Brian’s older Sister who is also a member and we are all 4 working with Brian’s mom and his oldest Sister who are members yet.  It is just such a fun and happy home for us to all be in and it is always more fun when we happen to arrive their when the whole family is home and when the Hermanas also happen to be there and vice versa.

My Testimony of the Atonement and Sacrament grew immensely this past week as well.  I have finally learned how to truly rely on the Atonement in my life instead of just understanding its purpose and sharing my knowledge of it with those that I teach.  This was a humbling week for me and I am very thankful for some of the things that I experienced this past week.

I hope everyone had a good week as well.  I prayer for the members of the stake regularly and always hope that everyone’s lives are going well.


Elder Adam R. F. Scoville


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