September 21, 2015 – When Things Go Well…Really Well

Week 38

This was a week of miracles and memorable experiences for my mission.  Monday evening after P-Day was over, I went to a Less-Active’s home for dinner.  It was a unique situation since this Less-Active specifically requested for me and 1 of the Hermanas to be their since she has been having problems in her home with family members.  The dinner was a lot more fun and had far less unwanted drama than we were all expecting it to have, and my old Zone Leaders from Portland even showed up for a lesson with this person’s YSA age son by coincidence and ended up being invited to eat dinner with us all.  The dinner had a lot of laughter and was not as uncomfortable as all of us (the missionaries) had been expecting it to be which I thought was interesting.  The fact that the presence of all those missionaries in her home was able to just lift the contention that we had been forewarned about with this woman’s family was very cool to me.  All of what missionaries do pertains to being a blessing to those that we come into contact with and this really seemed to be apparent to me that evening for dinner since a lot of the animosity that was in that home seemed to just be lifted, at least for the evening.

On Tuesday Elder Grasinger and I got to experience something new that happens every once in awhile to missionaries but is still extremely rare.  We were talking to this woman, who is a Less-Active that we found while knocking doors, in front of her home and it turned into a very long discussion on how she doesn’t like attending church because the meeting hardly discuss the “deeper” subjects in the gospel.  We explained to her the whole concept of milk before meat and a few other things to help her disregard these concerns which we honestly thought were pretty silly.  This discussion lasted about an hour until we cut her off to tell her that we needed to get going for some other appointments and business that we had that day.  When we went back to our car and opened up our Areabooks on our iPads to fill in what we had just done over the past couple hours and check what we were going to be doing next, a man came up to our car and knocked on the window of my door and asked us to roll down the window.  When I did, he asked us if we could give him a copy of the Book Of Mormon because he was about to go on a long bus ride and wanted something interesting to read to keep his attention for the next few hours.  He also told us that although he thinks that what we are doing is good and honorable for young people like ourselves, he didn’t want us to expect that he would convert over to the church just because he wanted a copy of the Book Of Mormon.  After hearing that, we excitedly jumped out of the car to give him a copy and talked to him a little and gave him our contact information just in case he would ever maybe want to give us a call about the book.  He then walked off to the bus stop which was just a small block away and his bus pulled up about 30 seconds later and he got onto it and left.

Wednesday’s Miracle was just how amazing my Mission’s transfer meeting was.  My Mission President had the entire mission attend the meeting including all companionships, such as my own, that were not going to be undergoing any changes attend the meeting.  Our mission has almost completely refreshed itself with new missionaries so he wanted everyone to be able to see all of the new faces.  My mission has literally gotten about 90 new missionaries in the past 3 transfers meaning that the majority of my mission has less than 4 months of field experience.  It’s a cool situation and the meeting was extremely spiritual and surely gave all of the new missionaries a huge buff to their testimonies and the drive they may have needed to start their missions strong.  Our Mission President re-taught all of us the Doctrine of Christ and testified to us all the importance of Baptism and how that is the Only way that we will be able to return to live with our Heavenly Father again after this life.  He described how Jesus Christ is the keeper at the gate and that to enter through the gate onto the straight and narrow path which leads to our Heavenly Father, we must first take upon ourselves the name of Jesus Christ through Baptism and the receiving of the gift of the Holy Ghost in order make it back home after this life.  It was just a great meeting.

On Thursday I had one of the best days of my mission.  In the morning, Elder Grasinger and I had an appointment with a husband and wife that we had knocked into during the previous week.  We were a little nervous for the lesson since we were actually going to be teaching the Restoration together for the first time in Spanish.  We have rarely gotten to teach full discussion since we’ve been together as companions.  The lesson went amazing and they are both interested in learning a lot more and gaining an understanding of why there are so many churches and religions even their there is only 1 Christ and 1 Bible.  As the day went on, we did a lot of try bys to people in our Areabook before the evening, and when the evening came we met up with a member in our ward to go door knocking with him and to go to an appointment that we had later that evening.  As we door knocked, we found some great potential new investigators who many of which we ended up turning over to the Hermanas and we also found a member who had just recently moved up here from Mexico and has been looking for a Spanish Ward to attend for the past few weeks since he had arrived and gave him the address to our building and the church service time for the Spanish Ward which was awesome.  But the highlight of the day, and one of the highlights of my mission now, was the appointment that we had with a referral that we recently got from my old Zone Leaders in Portland who told us that he wanted to get baptized into our church and wanted us to be visiting him a lot so that we could prepare him to be baptized as soon as possible.  He is now on date for October 3rd and Elder Grasinger and I are extremely excited for this because we have literally been trusted with a baptism now by the Lord.  We have just had a person who is ready to join the church fall right into our hands and it is amazing.  The member that we brought with us has also been struggling with some depression, so that fact that he was able to be with us in this lesson and was able to experience this miraculous thing was extremely amazing for him.  My companion and I were very thankful that evening in our companionship prayers before bed.

Friday’s Miracle was that we were able to find and teach an old investigator and nearly her entire family who had last been seen by me, Elder Reid, and Elder Ward over 4 months ago when I was last in this area.  She had just disappeared until now when we found her again.  We had another amazing lesson with her and her family and even got 3 new investigators our of the situation.  Yet another miracle.

Unfortunately I do not have time to share the miracles of Saturday and Sunday in this email.  I ran out of time to finish writing them but there were miracles and they were well received and we did thank Heavenly Father for them.  This was just a very productive week for the work here and it was great.

Have a great week everyone.


Elder Adam R. F. Scoville


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