October 12, 2015 – Promptings of the Spirit

Week 41

The Stake I am serving in had Stake Conference this week.  It was very spiritual in both the adult session and the general session.  Elder Daniel Johnson of the 1st Quorum of the 70 was here and he taught the Stake very effectively throughout his time in Gresham.  He is fluent in Spanish, which got the Spanish group very excited for him to be here.  During the adult session, he opened up to the congregation for questions and allowed anyone to ask him any question regarding anything that they wanted to know more or learn about.  Some very good questions were asked during this time, but the one that stuck out to me the most was when a man asked an attacking question to him and how Elder Johnson dealt with it.  Although he was given a question that needed a very specific answer in order to not cause doubts to arise in any of the 100s of members that were in attendance, he remained calm and was very concise in his response when he answered the question.  He didn’t display any sign of fear to the question nor did he appear to become nervous when answering it.  He invited the man come and talk with him afterwards in order to clear up any additional doubts or concerns that he might have had.  I also had the opportunity to ask him a question, but I did mine in private after the general session in Sunday Morning. I asked something regarding how he receives spiritual promptings, and how important it is to respond to them immediately, or if it is ever alright to wait in responding to them later.  What I learned from him is that No Matter What the prompting is, it will always be better to respond to it sooner than later, as responding to it later can lead to regret and sometimes that regret can be very very great and debilitating.

I’m sorry that I didn’t have much to write for this past week.  There weren’t very many lessons or experiences that really stood out to me that I thought could benefit anyone who reads my emails.  I taught people, felt the spirit, strengthened people’s testimonies and understanding of the scriptures, and I learned some new things about myself through doing those things and through some more prayerful inventory with myself.

I hope everyone had a good Columbus Day.  Have a good week.


Elder Scoville


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