October 19, 2015 – “Super Mario”

Week 42

This week had some, more unique, experiences that have made for good memories that I will have for the rest of my life.  On Wednesday, I had exchanges with my Zone Leaders and one of them came over to my area for the day with me.  We accomplished some good work and were a blessing to many of the many people that we came into contact with.

We went on an OYM Run (Street Contacting) on a street here in Portland called 82nd Ave. and talked to a lot of “different” people and even found some inactive members in the process and taught 5 different people during that OYM Run.  Right before we got into our car to go onto our next objective for the day, a man stuck his head out of a window from the 2nd story of a building and asked us what we were selling because of the way we were dressed. We told him that we weren’t selling but were preaching about Jesus Christ, and we offered him a picture of Jesus Christ.  He said he would take one if we could figure out how to get it up to him, so instead of a picture, we grabbed an English Book of Mormon and my Zone Leader threw it up to him through his window and he caught it.  I then went on to explain to him the basic information about the Book of Mormon being where it came from, why we have it, what it does, and how it testifies alongside of the Bible of Jesus Christ and his purpose as our Savior.  Then we left him with the commitment to read the introduction and tosh out at any of the many missionaries that walk by his apartment again in the future if he has anymore questions regarding the Book of Mormon or anything else. There are 6 different companionships that street contact at this location on 82nd since there are so many people that travel from around Portland and Gresham through this location.  And all of the companionships that cover this location have intersecting areas, for 2 Spanish, a Tongan, and English, and a Young Single Adult ward. On Friday the Stake I work in had a Multicultural Event that Elder Grasinger and I were able to bring an investigator to. His name is Mario and his first language is Spanish, but he is fluent with an accent in English, and he is fluent in Japanese.  He actually speak Japanese more fluently without his Spanish accent than he does English which is pretty cool.  So he came to the event and he was able to meet the Bishop for the Spanish Ward and a few other members that were there, and we were able to give him a church tour since he asked us if we could show him around the building since he had noticed that there were so many rooms aside from the main chapel.  We walked him through everything and explained the purpose of all of the rooms, and were even able to teach him one of the main discussions in the process, being The Gospel Of Jesus Christ.  We ended in the chapel, but just before going into the chapel, we showed him the baptismal font and explained to him how baptisms work in the Church.  He told us that he could see himself being baptized into the LDS Church and that he almost surely will be eventually.  When we ended in the chapel, he told us that he just wanted to sit in the chapel for a few minutes and feel the spirit since he said that it was strongest in the chapel.  He even told us about a unique and special dream that he had recently had just before meeting us of Jesus Christ standing at the end of a dark tunnel and being the source of light within the dark tunnel and that he (Mario) was slowly walking towards the source of the light and that he was picking up speed the longer that he walked just before he woke up.  Then some days later he met us at 82nd just before getting onto his bus.  Mario also came to church on Sunday and stayed for all 3 hours and even participate during discussions and payed attention to everything and made friends with many of the Brothers in Elders Quorum. We are very excited for him and our Bishop pulled us aside and told us that he feels extremely good about him and started jokingly referring to him as “Super Mario” because of how fast he seems to be progressing.

Elder Grainger and I also had the opportunity to visit one of my favorite people to teach on my mission and especially in this area. Her name is Maria Perez and she has a very cool family whom I have known for about 6 months.  Maria already has a testimony and just needs to come to church and so does her oldest daughter who is 21.  In the lesson that we had with her on Saturday evening she expressed to us how she came to her own personal conclusion that God the Father,  The Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost are all separate beings and that she feels that the doctrine of the trinity is incorrect. Although for us this is very simple and obvious doctrine that we learn in regular Sunday School like Primary, the fact that Maria figured this out on her own was amazing, and is often very rare amongst Hispanic Catholics who strongly believe in the trinity.  It was a great lesson and we were also able to read and explain 3 Nephi 27 to her and the important doctrine that Jesus Christ taught to the people of the Americas in that chapter. I have transfers coming up next week on Wednesday and am nervous of them since I really do not want to leave this area.  I love the people here, and just don’t want to be transferred right before the holidays. But if I am then I will except it and just move on, even though I will be a little sad.  The Lord knows what each area needs at all times, so since I know that I can trust that what happens will be what needs to happen.

Have a good week everyone.  Las Vegas has been getting more rain than where I’m at recently.  It has hardly rained here since I’ve been in Oregon which is strange.


Elder Adam R. F. Scoville


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