October 26, 2015 – Some Things Are Personal

Week 43

This is a shorter email but I think that it will be satisfying and uplifting for anyone who reads it.

I must say that this was a fulfilling week.  It was one of the most spiritually fulfilling weeks of my mission because of some of the things that I got to experience because of a little courage that I had to follow through with some promptings that I received.  I will not go into many of the most important story related details in any mas-emails home, but I will go into the details that could benefit anyone else who reads these emails.  The story itself is definitely something that I will share when I return home after my mission. I want to testify to everyone about how marvelous the works of the Lord can be when we do our parts.  Specifically when we follow the prompts that he feels we are worthy of receiving and take the opportunities we are given to be an instrument in the work of the Lord.  I followed a very unique prompting this past week that yielded one of the most satisfying spiritual experiences of my mission.  I won’t share the prompting that I was given but I can say with a surety that this prompting came more clearly than almost any other I have ever been blessed with in my life.  I was saying a prayer and counseling with Heavenly Father about something that I felt was very pertinent to my current standing before Him as a Missionary in the service of the Lord.  When I finished the prayer, and it was a very long one, I waited and I listened for an answer of some kind or a feeling or something that I could work off of at least for a little bit, until more would be revealed to me concerning what I counselled with Him about.  After a few minutes of silence, an exact phrase with piercing clarity was placed into my mind that, although I trusted, made me feel extremely uncomfortable since it did not make any sense at all, nor did it tie in really, with anything concerning what I had just spent so much time praying and pondering about.  I prayed about it many more times over the next couple of weeks just to reconfirm to myself that it was from the Spirit and not just my own mortal thoughts.  The outcome, so far, of having followed this prompting has lead to an extremely strengthened development of a very important Christlike Attribute being Virtue with only Charity being above it, at least in my opinion based on all of my knowledge and studies on these subjects.  It also lead to the strengthened self-worth and confidence of someone that I serve around and to an Eternal bond with that same person.  I learned that although the ways of the Lord are often time mysterious or confusing to us, they always work and come through because he is all knowing, all powerful, and Almighty.

Regardless of what anyone is ever prompted to do, we should always do it because if it is a prompting, and we know for a fact that it is, then that makes it of the Spirit of the Holy Ghost.  And if it is of the Spirit of the Holy Ghost, then that means it’s from a member of the Godhead, of whom we know have an Eternal and never changing purpose which is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man (Moses 1:39).  Therefore if we follow that prompting we need not fear when it is of God because it will always be for our good or the good of one of our brothers or sisters here on the Earth around us.  We don’t need to understand the why or the when or the where, but just the amount of trust that we have to follow it, or the trust that we need to obtain in God to follow it.  I learned some amazing things this week and felt some very special things this week as well, and I look forward to sharing them after my mission.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable Halloween.


Elder Adam R. F. Scoville


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