November 23, 2015 — To Be or Not To Be An Intelligence

Week 47

Elder Grasinger and I had an intense and busy week. Things were just happening constantly around us and with us. But for now, I’ll just be sharing some cool experiences and lessons that we had throughout the week along with a cool principle that I learned about the word
Intelligence as it pertains to the Gospel.

So on Thursday, I got to go to the Mission Office for our mission’s Mission Tour. Elder Johnson of the Seventy who was here in Portland for Stake Conference came up here again and spoke to all of the
missionaries for a few hours. The meeting was not one of my favorites as he did not go over a lot of concrete doctrine with all of us, since he instead just discussed how we could all be better, more effective, and more consecrated missionaries. We basically had a massive meeting full of a lot of missionaries where a representative of the 70 came and just invited the spirit very powerfully for everyone so that we
could all utilize the spirit that was present in order to gain better understanding of what we all may have needed to do for ourselves and our areas in order to be more successful as missionaries and experience more success. And there is a big difference between those 2 things. Experiencing success does not always mean that someone is a successful missionary, being a successful missionary mean full pay
devoting one’s self to the work and becoming consecrated. Being a
successful missionary is far beyond more important than having success. But overall the meeting was spiritual and good, but just not my favorite as I enjoy being taught principles and doctrines of the Gospel much more.

That same day though, Elder Grasinger and I went over to one of our focus member’s home to read with him for the evening as we do 3-5 times a week, primarily because even though he has a paper full testimony of what he knows to be true, he doesn’t know very much, and
he is a lonely old man who really loves and looks forward to our visits. When we got there, we saw that his 22 year old daughter, who has been living with him for about a week now and who is not a member, was there. So we invited her to come and read with us. Now although
we did end up teaching her, we had discussed it with the Hermanas that
they would be alright with us teaching her as they had made her a new investigator for themselves that same week. They told us that they had no problem at all with us teaching this person if and when she would be present at her father’s home. So we ended up teaching her and having a fantastic lesson. We taught her all of the Restoration and put her on date for baptism for the Hermanas which they were extremely excited about. We called them immediately after saying a pray of gratitude after the lesson to let them know what had happened and they also told us that they had had a miraculous lesson with her as well that same day earlier in the afternoon. We were all extremely excited and thankful.

The interesting principle that I learned about the word Intelligence pertains to both its usage, and the depth of the word’s meaning from a spiritual stand point. When “an Intelligence” is stated or referenced in anyway, it will always be referring to an individual. And individual at a very deep spiritual point. The cool thing that I learned as well about the word is the dual possession that we can all have of Intelligence. We all have knowledge that we gain day by day through experiences and through learning and studying whether it be
Gospel related or not, but there is also the Intelligence that we gain and develop through our Obedience to the Commandments. That is stated in D&C section 130 but it wasn’t until this week that I fully understood that principle. One’s Obedience is directly connected to
one’s level of Intelligence as a truly Intelligent individual is one that aligns their will with the Father meaning one that follows All of his commandments and understands why they should follow all of His commandments. Intelligence is the Glory of God which is a pretty cool
thing to wrap your mind around when that principle is connected with this other principle.. It’s just something cool that I learned and realized this week.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone. I hope everyone has a great meal on Thursday and that you can all enjoy the day while also remembering the many things that we all have to be thankful for.

I also hit a year in Thursday as well since I left to serve my mission.

Elder Adam R. F. Scoville


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