November 16, 2015 — Remember, remember

Week 46

I re-learned an aspect of the purpose of a missionary this week. The wording states “My purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ by helping them received the Restored Gospel, through Faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, Repentance, Baptism, receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End.” So the part that states “Come Unto Christ” is in my opinion perfect phraseology, as that
basically means to do the things necessary that would entail coming unto Christ, being excepting and following His Doctrine and embracing His Gospel principles. And as Missionaries, our responsibility is to “invite” people to do these things and these things which we invite people to do are things for all people to be invited to do regardless
of whether or not they are members or non-members.

What lead to me to being reminded of this is a lesson that I was able to teach on Thursday to a family in the Spanish ward this past week. The family that I felt prompted to visit is a family here that is
extremely active. The husband is a Stake High Councilor and the wife is in the Stake Relief Society Presidency. They are both return missionaries and they are both very well educated in the Gospel. So
from many other people’s perspectives, visiting them could be considered a waste of our time as missionaries, unless of course directed by the Spirit, which I thankfully had been. When we got to
their home, Elder Grasinger and I didn’t know what we would be sharing with them, it was just pasted 8:00 at night, and it just seemed weird to be stopping by them of all people in the Ward that could use our time (Lord’s Time). I decided on sharing Mosiah 4:7-9, 11 which is when King Benjamin spoke and testified on the amazingness of the Atonement and the infinite love, mercy, power, knowledge, and wisdom that Heavenly Father has for us. And also how one of our responsibilities in this life is to recognize that fact, as it is a fact, and exercise patience in His timing for many things in this life as there are many many many things to be patient for. This visit ended up going perfect as we found out that the wife had just been to the Temple that day and has been fervently praying for an answer and spiritual confirmation regarding a concern of hers as a Mother and a Wife. The message left with them had definitely impacted her evening and had powerfully invited the spirit into their home and thoughts for the night. And it is cool to me how this was my favorite lesson of the week even though it didn’t count for any numbers or anything. I loved that lesson not just because of the Spirit that was felt but
also because of how much I felt I was actually fulfilling my purpose through that visit as bring the spirit into someone’s home, regardless of their status in the church, and helping remind people of what they are coming to know the truth of or already know the truth of is a form of inviting others to “Come Unto Christ.” It was a great experience
for me.

On other matters, many of the aspects of this last week that I had were very good, regardless of what attitude they are looked at from, which is great as that makes it so much easier to appreciate them more. I made some choices that involved changing my attitude on certain things and making the most of what I have to work with, both in regards to my area, and in regards to the talents and gifts that I have been blessed with. And that includes my insomnia which I am now looking at as a gift starting this last week. The first thing that I’ll share is that I did the math on how much time I have been blessed with to study the Gospel and I am, as it stands with how things for me
now, privileged to be able to study, personally, for about 5-7 hours every single day of the week. I have been trying to remind myself of how much time I really have on my mission, especially since I only have a year left to serve now as of November 8th. As many people know how much I love knowledge, I have made a lot of effort to use a lot of my spare time studying. And I just recognized that I personally probably get more time to just study the Gospel from every possible angle that I can with the tools that I have (iPad, Gospel Library,, etc), than really any other missionaries in the world. I have basically noticed that I have had a lot of things line of for me to just be able to study for as much as I want as long as I am taking the
time to do so with the free time that I get throughout each week. This free time comes from all of the driving across my area as I am thankfully not the driver, Personal Study, Language Study, Lunch, and my “insomniac” studies that I have alone with myself every night until
anywhere from 11:30 pm – 3:00 am. I am blessed to be able to have that much time to just learn and empower my mind with the things of the spirit. And I have noticed how much of a blessing it has been as throughout my mission there have been very many situations that I have been able to handle and deal with, because of all the things that I’ve learned and because I have done my best to stay worthy of the spirit in order to be able to utilize it to draw from everything that I have learned. It’s amazing to me how much of a blessing this situation I have really is.

I’m learning a lot out here and my Testimony is being strengthened on
the hourly as I study so rigorously. I hope everyone back home is constantly coming to learn many great things of the Gospel as they continue to go through life. Have a great week everyone.

Elder Scoville


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