December 14, 2015 — Story Time

Week 50

So I have a new companion now who is my mission “twin” since he was
trained by my same trainer and was trained while I was in the MTC and
since we go home together. He is a native Spanish speaker which is
why he wasn’t in the MTC as long as I was.

But Elder Meza and I had a slightly rough start this week. We were
both in the slump that transfers can sometimes lead to of saying many
goodbyes to friends as they were left in old areas and friends who
left to new areas. As the week went by we worked our way out of the
slump and ended up having a better day as each day went by. We got
some really good work done, the baptism that Elder Grasinger and I had
worked towards throughout our 3 transfers together finally happened
this past Sunday and Mario Elias was baptized by Elder Grasinger, and
in the same night, Elder Meza and I were able to put another
investigator on date for the 22nd the week of Christmas. With the way
the work is going in the area right now, it is possible that there
could just be a chain of baptisms for the Evergreen Spanish Ward
throughout this transfer as many of the investigators Elder Grasinger
and I had worked with may be ready to finally take the next step, even
if that means getting put on date for a following week, which is what
happened with Mario, and which is what is currently happening with the
investigator Helson for the 22nd. We are both very excited for the
work in this area for this transfer.

I also wanted to share the final experience that Elder Grasinger,
Hermana Alvarez, Hermana Smith, and I all had together in this area on
the final night before Tranafers. It was a sweet experience and one
that I feel was a wonderful way to end the 4 1/2 months that we all
had to serve in this area together.

So on Tuesday night, both of our individual companionships decided
that the final person that we wanted to visit and also say goodbye
to for Elder Grasinger and Hermana Smith’s sake was the Hernandez
family. Now my own family has had a bit of a tradition where my Mom
read Christmas stories to me and my brothers, as well as my Dad, periodically
throughout the Christmas season up to Christmas including Christmas
Day. And my uncle had sent me a very nice Christmas story on the last
P-Day of the 7th of December. This story is called “Truce In The
Forest” – By Fritz Vincken. It is about a family during World War ll
experiencing a Christmas miracle that involves an unofficial armistice
between some American and German soldiers and how the whole miracle
was brought about by the Spirit of Christmas, or Spirit of Christ. So
I decided to have us all have “story time” that night in their home. I
took the lead on the lesson and we began with a prayer. After the
prayer, I read the story, which is only about 2 pages, and when I
finished, we all just sat in silence for a moment and let the Spirit
that had progressively increased its presence in the home just touch
the hearts and minds of everyone present. Eventually I had Brian share
his thoughts on what he felt from hearing the story, before I spoke
and testified of the power of the pure love of Christ that people just
subconsciously become so much more aware of willing to have for others
during the Christmas season. Following my remarks, Hermana Smith
joined in and testified as well. When I asked Elder Grasinger and
Hermana Alvarez if they had anything to share or add to what had
already been testified of, they both contently shook there heads
showing that they both knew already that everything that needed to be
said had already been said. We all again took a moment of silence and
just let the spirit work on everyone again before saying a closing
prayer to the visit, saying goodbyes, and leaving for the night to go
home to our apartments since that was the final appointment for the

I feel that this was a beautiful and spiritual experience and a great
way to end the 3 transfers we all had together, and even more so with
the final visit having been with the Hernandez family of all the
people in this area. Saying goodbye to Elder Grasinger and Hermana
Smith was hard for me. It was very bittersweet seeing Elder Grasinger
again at Mario’s baptism since we missed each other so much even
though seeing each other just made it even more realized that we were
no longer each other’s companions. We are all fine though since
getting split apart from friends out here is a common occurrence in
the mission field.

I also had an extremely spiritual insomniac study a few nights ago.
So as many people know, I usually stay up reading in my scriptures and
on Gospel Library until I finally get tired and fall asleep, and I
treat this time as though it is just another personal study time, meaning
that I start and end it with prayer. What I ended up studying just
pertained to the roles that everyone has with their genders as
children of Heavenly Father on the Earth and how each of our
responsibilities here on the Earth are unique in a way to all of us
and especially to those that we bless through fulfilling our
responsibilities. Here is a list of some of the things that I read
from that study session that night. There were more things, but these
are some of the ones that really stuck out to me. They are from
Ensigns, New Eras, and General Conferences. Anyone can feel free to
give them a read for some useful spiritual edification, especially
that pertains to personal spiritual development as both Men and Women.

Articles and Talks:
Your Patriarchal Blessing: A Liahona of Light
Spirit Gifts
Converted Unto The Lord
Mothers in Israel and Daughters of Zion
Spiritual Crevasses
There Are Many Gifts
Courage Counts
It’s a Miracle
Little Children
A Message to My Granddaughters: Becoming “Great Women”

I hope everyone’s holidays are going well and that the Spirit is with
everyone this next week.

Elder Adam R. F. Scoville


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