December 7, 2015 — P-Day Was Moving Day…

Week 48-49

Hey everyone, I need to apologize for not sending a weekly email last
week and for not even sending explanation of any kind either. Last
P-Day was a different one. Being that I didn’t really get a P-Day.
So the source of the problem starts on last Sunday. The apartment
that I live in along with my companion and Zone Leaders was being
closed out to missionaries on the 30th of November, and the new
apartment the our mission department had purchased did not give us
access to the new apartment until the Sunday afternoon of last week.
So we were not able to officially begin moving until after church on a
Sunday. It was a horrible overall Sabbath Day experience. From
around 3:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. we began moving as much as we could with
out cars taking little load after little load over to the new
apartment. And the apartment that we lived in is one of the biggest
mission apartments in our mission giving us a lot of things to
transfer over. And we did not have access to a truck of any kind.
Just our small mission cars to move things for that day. Then on
Monday, our P-Day, we woke up at 6:30, the usual time, and went back
to moving. We moved all morning long continuing to take over small
loads of things in our cars, but we did at least have another set of
Elder in the zone come and help us. I ended up making us all
breakfast at one point which really helped us all a lot since it gave
us break and something to give us the energy to keep moving since we
no one had eaten anything. At around 1:00 p.m. 2 of the senior Elder
showed up with one of the mission trucks finally and we began moving
the bigger pieces of furniture, 1-2 pieces at a time. We finished
moving almost everything by 3:30 and we’re finally able to head over
to the Stake Center to join the rest of the zone for P-Day. All of us
that we’re moving were beat and barely had the will to do anything,
primarily because of how frustrated we were with the situation. We
all tried to enjoy the the 2 1/2 hours that we had left by playing
sports, talking with the other missionaries about whatever, writing
what ever emails we were able to focus enough on to write and so on
and so forth. Then when 6:00 p.m. came, it was back to the move. . .
We headed back over to the old apartment and began the deep clean on
the apartment since it was going to be having an inspection the next
morning at 10:00 a.m. Now this was an apartment that has been lived
in by Elder for over 3 years and it had a LOT of hidden problems that
we found after we had moved all of the furniture and other things out
of the apartment. And so excluding a 40 minute dinner break that we
took around 7:50 p.m. Elder Grasinger, I, and the Zone Leaders cleaned
the place up as best as we could that night until around 11:00 p.m.
when we all just looked at the place and decided to finish the little
that was left in the morning before the inspection. We went home to
our new apartment that had not had Anything organized yet, and
adjusted some things around so that we could get through it all, built
and made our beds, and then all crashed sometime around 12:30. It was
literally the most miserable P-Day that any of the 4 of us had
experienced our missions and it had other negative effects that threw
us all off for the week. So the next morning, we got up bright and
early at 6:30, headed back over, did the finishing touches to the
apartment and we completely done by 8:00 a.m. Being free of that move
was very relieving for all of us. We also happened to have our
President’s interviews that morning so we all rushed around that
morning to get ready for our interviews and to make our selves all
look presentable. Elder Grasinger and I were actually able to have an
appointment set up with a member in an English Ward that morning for
us to get haircuts since we were unable to get them, the day before.
So we barely made it to our interviews on time to find out that the
interviews were running about an hour behind. So then we just sat
down, and relaxed for the first time in 2 days as we weren’t able to
relax at all during any meals breaks we had taken over the past couple
days during the move, nor during the 2 1/2 hours of P-Day that we got
since we were still feeling the stress of having to go back to the
apartment to finish what would be left.

So that whole experience sucked and I pray that I will never ever have
to go through anything like it again while on the mission. The
negative effects that it had on all of us throughout the week was the
abstract funk that it then us into. I really learned this week though
how absolutely necessary P-Days are for missionaries. As Sunday is
meant to be the day of rest for the inhabitants of the world as stated
by the commandment, Missionaries unfortunately are not able to
experience that rest on the Sabbath. We are able to benefit from the
spirituality that comes from the worshipping of the God throughout the
day and the partaking of the Sacrament, but we definitely are not able
to experience the physical rest that is meant to come with the day.
It is a day of rest from the usual cares of the world, a day of
worshipping, a day of receiving spiritual enlightenment through
additional studying of the Gospel, pondering, spending time with the
family, and so on and so forth. As missionaries, Sunday can often be
the busiest day of the week with the additional meetings we may be
attending, the stress and anxiety the we feel while at church and
waiting and hoping for Less-Actives, Recent-Converts, and
Investigators to show up and many other things can just come up on
Sundays for missionaries. And that is why the P-Day can be so
important. It is basically our day of rest, but on the physical side
of things instead. We can release our stress by playing sports,
mingling about in our Zones, not focusing as intently on the work for
those hours as we let ourselves relax, emailing friends and family
back home, etc.

This past week, Elder Grasinger and I had the overall worst numbers we
have ever turned in together as a companionship. We didn’t really
start to pick up the pace on the the work for our area until an
exchange that we went on from Thursday to Friday. We literally
decided to go on the exchange because we knew that we needed some
exchange miracles to knock us out of the funk we were in of not having
experience a real P-Day in over a week so that we could get back on
track to being effective missionaries. So the exchange we went on was
miraculous. My current District Leader, named Elder Shamy (like Shamy
Butter) came to my area and Elder Grasinger went to his. Throughout
the day both of our companionships got really good work done. I was
able to put one of our investigators on date for baptism for this
upcoming Sunday which is amazing. And in the other area, my companion
and Elder Shamy’s companion put 2 more people on date for baptism. I
was able to have some very spiritual lessons that day, especially with
Mario who is the person on date for baptism now. We were able to
teach him the discussion on The Restoration which has became the final
lesson that he needed to be taught since he had already been taught
the Plan of Salvation 4 times (5 now) and many of the other lesson
multiple times as well. We only held off so long on this lesson
because we felt that it needed to be taught in a setting where we
would be able to go through the entire discussion without
interruptions or distraction of any kind. We taught most of it to him
in English but I chose to teach him about the Atonement and the First
Vision of Joseph Smith in Spanish so that it would be more powerful
for him. We were even able to teach him about the Word of Wisdom and
he accepted it immediately and told us that he would begin quitting
coffee which is one of the things that many people have a hard time
with since it seems so small.

That same even I was able to teach another lesson to Brian Hernandez
(for those who forget who he is, he is the 15 year that I helped teach
and was baptized back in May) on the Word of Wisdom. Although the
lesson was very spiritual, I just wanted to share a principle about
the Wore of Wisdom that for me has made it much easier to follow. So
the Word of Wisdom is basically Heavenly Father’s health law given to
us to assist us in living healthier and more physically comfortable
lives. And as there are many additional benefits to keeping
commandments that may not be directly stated in the scriptures, the
Word of Wisdom is not exempt from that truth. So the thing that I
learned pertains to Self-Control, or Self Mastery. One of the
strongest carnal passions that we as humans are given to bridle
alongside others such as lust or rage, is our appetites. When thought
about, humans take the opportunity to have food and drink of what ever
kind at nearly every rational opportunity possible. Banquets,
Parties, Dances, Receptions, Holiday Events, Baby Showers, and there
are many many other examples of when people use events like these to
also have food. Our appetites are quite a strong passion. Imagine
how hard it would be for many people to control their appetites if our
bodies didn’t almost force us to stop eating by making us feel full.
So with all of that being stated, now think about the level of Self
Mastery that is built line upon line as time goes by. And the cool
thing about Self Mastery is that it is an attribute that abides over
every aspect of an individual. The Self Mastery that we develop and
are blessed with for keeping the commandment of the Word of Wisdom
will strengthen us against all of our other passions as well. It will
help us control our anger, it will make obeying the Law of Chastity
easier, it will make simple life chores or decisions easier to make
since we will have developed the disciple within our selves necessary,
and it will truly bless us in many other aspects of life. Since I
learned that about the Word of Wisdom, it has become one of the
commandments that I am especially thankful for as the blessings that
it can bring affect many many many aspects of our mortal lives and our
progression towards become more like the Savior Jesus Christ.

Now since I didn’t write a weekly email last week give a brief summary
on how my Thanksgiving week went.

I hit my year mark on Thanksgiving day, so that was satisfying to
realize since I have been able to successfully stay out on my mission
for at least a year at this point in service to the Lord. I was able
to visit 4 families that day for dinners, desserts, and other
activities. The whole day was a lot of fun honestly. I even got to
play Apples’to’Apples with my Bishop’s family and the Hermanas which
made some good memories since that is a game that I used to play with
my family and some friends from back home. And on Saturday of that
week, I got to attend the baptism for a man named Mike. I worked with
him for 3 months back in the Alameda, Portland area. I also put him
on date for that week too which made attending his baptism extremely
satisfying as that would mean that I put him on date for 5 months
later. And when I put him on date, the direction from the spirit to
do so for 5 months in the future seemed a little ridiculous to me as I
knew that at would give the Adversary a lot of time to work on him and
throw him off course and that it would confuse all future missionaries
that would work with him since that was just such a massive gap of
time. But trusting in the Spirit payed off as he was baptized and the
experience for him was surely one of the better ones that he has now
had in his life. The primary reason that the spirit had me put him on
date for 5 moves later was to give him the time he would need in
quitting his addiction to smoking. It was just a happy and fulfilling
day as so many missionaries who had worked with him over the years
that were still out serving were able to attend his baptism, and his
wife who is a member was beyond joyful that day. She has been wanting
to go to the temple and be sealed with her husband Mike and their
family and now they will just have to wait a little over a year until
they will be able to do that now.

My mission is also having transfers this week on Wednesday. I am
staying her in Gresham and so is one of the Hermanas, Hermana
Alavarez. She has been serving here for her entire mission so far and
after this next transfer, she will have served here for half of her
mission being 9 months. Elder Grasinger and Hermana Smith are both
being transferred to Longview where I was trained. My new companion’s
name is Elder Meza-Contrarez. He was trained by my trainer Elder
Carpenter. We are actually both going to be going home together in
November next year. We are excited to finally be each other’s

At church yesterday, my companionship and the Hermana’s companionship
all got up one after another and each bore our testimonies to the
congregation. We were the first 4 people to do so as well after the
2nd counselor in the Bishopric started. We hadn’t planned doing that,
but did so since it would be our final Sunday in the ward together and
probably our final Sunday all together as the 4 of us. It was an
extremely good Fast and Testimony meets. Following the 4 of us, so
many people ended up getting up to bear their Testimonies that the
meeting went 15 minutes over. It was a great meeting. And for the
Christmas Devotional, the 4 of us got to go over to Brian Hernandez’s
home and eat dinner with them all and have a great time watching the
devotional together. It was a good and happy final Sunday together.

That was the past 2 weeks.

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season and keeping the true
meaning of Christmas close to you hearts.

Elder Adam R. F. Scoville


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