December 21, 2015 — The Spirit Speaks

Week 51

The way this new transfer has been going has been quite different for
me so far. It has been two weeks since I got my new companion but I
am still have to adjust to the change. There has been change in the
way missionary work has been being done which was a decision on both
of our parts since I felt it is always good to bring some periodic
change into an area, especially when it hasn’t experienced any in
a while. I have not been working exactly the same either. Since I now
have a fluent companion I am no longer the one that does most of the
talking during the teaching portions of lessons. I now do much much
less of it actually, at least when teaching in Spanish. It is kind of
weird, but I feel that I am coping with it fine. I’m thankful that it
is so engrained into my nature to always prefer the most effective way
for things to be gone about since it makes it much easier for me to
accept dramatic change even if it means that I am no longer feeling
as useful as I did before. That’s basically how I feel now since
having a fluent companion who has been out the same amount of time as
I and who is just as experienced and effective at teaching means that
in most cases he can just simply do a better job at explaining things
in Spanish than I. It’s humbling.

A lesson that Elder Meza and I had on Saturday was enlightening for
me. The Hispanic that we taught, although very interested in our
message, put forth a lot of effort in correcting pieces of Doctrine
that we were teaching him that pertained to the Restoration. He was
trying to bash against us, and from what we gathered as the lesson
went on, he didn’t realize that for himself. My companion did most of
the talking as he was able to fully understand and fully answer
everything that the investigator was saying and asking about making
him the better person to respond for nearly everything. But near the
end of the lesson, right before we left with a prayer, I felt the need
to bear my Testimony. It was one of the only things that I was able
to say in that long and partially frustrating visit, but it was a
powerful Testimony that I bore. It supported everything my companion
had taught and it appeared to just soften the heart of the
investigator, at least based on the dramatic change in his
countenance. For myself, since I don’t know exactly how Elder Meza or
the investigator felt, the bearing of that specific Testimony was
extremely spiritual for me. It reminded me again that it really
doesn’t matter who says what or even who says the most, as long as
what needs to be taught and testified of is stated when it come to the
work of the Lord.

I’ve had a number of experience like that one over the past 2 weeks
remind me of that important principle that all missionaries should
come to know. It really doesn’t matter who is the one speaking as long as
what is being said is what needs to be said, then everything is
ultimately all coming from the same source: the Spirit.

Mario Elias was confirmed a member and received the Gift of the Holy
Ghost this past Sunday. During his confirmation, the Spirit in the
chapel was very strong and profound. It had been awhile since this
Ward’s last baptism, so the spirit invited by the baptism and
confirmation of Mario was very spiritual impactful for the members
present in the congregation. He expressed great happiness to us after
church that day as well for how excited he is to now be a member and
to have the Holy Ghost. It was nice to see him just express so much
happiness after coming so much closer to God through having joined the

I’m excited for Christmas and hope everyone else is as well.

Keep the Savior’s birth close in thought this week everyone. Merry Christmas.

Elder Adam R. F. Scoville


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