January 4, 2016 — Beware “Black Ice”

Week 53

I experienced a new kind of miracle and gained a new level of trust in
the Lord. My testimony of the principle taught in 1 Nephi 3:7 on how the
Lord will always provide a way to accomplish and follow His
commandments was greatly strengthened. So last Sunday, and throughout
the week, there have been periodic amounts of snow and icy roads.
Last Sunday at the start of it, I experienced driving in snow, and on
black ice for the first time and unfortunately crashed while moving
somewhere between 10-20 mph. I didn’t realize that even that is too
fast when driving in such thick ice since I had never experienced
driving in conditions like that before. The crash resulted in the
driver’s side back tire axel being knocked horizontal to the car
making the car un-drivable. There was also a car crash up in Astoria
as well around the exact same time on that Sunday. The mission has
already been short on vehicles because of the large influx of
missionaries between Summer and the beginning of the Holiday Season so
when we lost our car for it to be fixed, we were told that we would
have to handle our area with bikes. . . Now at first that may sound
like a joke since the area I cover is the 2nd largest area in my
mission, if the 2 ASL (American Sign Language) areas are excluded, but
my leaders weren’t kidding. And they told us that the repairs on the
car could take anywhere from 3 days – 3 weeks which is a very large
span of time without a car, especially as a missionary. So although we
have had the bikes, Elder Meza and I have been doing everything we
could to use the aid of the members in order to not have to ride our
bikes. And we managed getting through the entire week not having to
use the bikes which was a miracle in itself. We were both very
satisfied with our efforts for the week and very grateful to Heavenly
Father for providing the means for us to fulfill our purpose as
missionaries throughout the week which is the source of why my
testimony of the principle taught in 1 Nephi 3:7 was strengthened as
there is always a way provided to do the will of the Lord.

I also drove on black ice yesterday on some very steep roads which was
a fun and memorable experience. I had a member, the Hermanas, and my
companion sitting in the back seat of the car which forced me to
really have to drive with great concern and carefulness. It was an
overall interesting drive. I was keeping a prayerful and humble heart
and mind as I drove since I was really having to focus hard in order
to get everyone around safely. I drove down steep roads backwards and
swerved the car around to reposition it multiple times, I had to build
momentum while driving up smaller hills while also avoiding all of the
cars parked everywhere on both sides of many of the roads. And this
was just over the space of about 2 miles which took 40 minutes to
drive across. After everyone was home safe, we said a prayer of
gratitude as it honestly was a very difficult and dangerous drive.
Especially as that was only my 2nd time ever driving in snow. But it
was a lot of fun though and I did enjoy the experience.

I’m a little nervous for another week without a car, and especially
with how cold it has been getting here, but my companion and I a
really are having to show a lot of trust and go about the work as
faithfully as we have on our missions right now since covering such a
huge area is quite difficult without a vehicle of our own. But we are
sure that we will continue experiencing miracles as we continue being
faithful and confident in the Lord providing a way, even every
individual day.

I hope everyone had a great New Years. Mine was not very eventful.
All of my mission had to retire in early at around 6:00 so as to not
be on the roads at all on the night of New Year’s Eve in order to
avoid crazy drivers and any other chaotic things that can happen
on nights like those. So it was a quite and simple evening for me.

Have a great week everyone.

Elder Adam R. F. Scoville


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