February 1, 2016 –Converting Distractions into Memories

Week 57

Week 2 now in Vancouver and more memories are continuing to be made
here. I had 2 both fun and spiritual lessons this week that stood out
amongst many others. On Tuesday I taught the man Marco that Elder
Ramirez and I put on date on our first day together, and I was able to
have a lesson with a member here named Victor who loves missionaries,
but also who I and all of the other Spanish missionaries thought would
dislike me at first.

So the lesson with Marcos was yet again meant to go one way on one of
the commandments, but instead went onto a tangent topic from what
Marco had just finished reading. We ended up discussing Jacob 5 on
the allegory of the Olive Tree. That is one of my favorite chapters
in all of the scriptures because of how much pure information and
knowledge is in it concerning the work of the Lord. Marcos had many
many questions about that chapter since just about nothing in it made
any sense to him. What ended up happening is that since my companion
isn’t super educated on the symbolism of the scriptures, I just
answered and expounded on every question that was asked. From the
importance of the Olive Tree, the grafting, the digging about, burning
with fire, and so on and so forth. The lesson was a lot of fun to
teach but by the end, Marcos felt like he understood even less about
the scriptures now. After realizing that there was that much
information, and still more in just that chapter just made him think
that he’s never going to understand anything at the rate he is going
at. Elder Ramirez and I explained to him though that it takes a
realization of one’s lack of understanding to begin obtaining an
understanding. But nevertheless, after the lesson was over, I decided
that going into details on the amount of things that I went into would
not be the wisest decision in future lessons, even though this time it
turned out fine. I’m surprise it took me this long to realize that,
but I just haven’t taught many lessons where I have been privileged to
go into subjects like the allegory of the Olive Tree. It was a really
fun and spiritual lesson anyways though, and a good learning
experience for everyone.

In the lesson that I had with Victor, the member that everyone thought
would dislike me, things went exactly as no one thought they would.
So Victor loves missionaries a lot, and he loves to intentionally waste
missionaries’ time since he loves spending time with them. He is fully
aware of the mission rules but enjoys messing with missionaries to see
how they’ll react to situations. And over the past 2 years since he
has been involved with missionaries and the church, his least 2
favorite missionaries have been my trainer, Elder Carpenter, and my
previous companion Elder Meza, who was also trained by Elder
Carpenter. So logically we all just thought that he would dislike me
as well, especially since I am quite similar to Elder Carpenter. The
reason Victor disliked them was because they wouldn’t spend a lot of
time with him or around him since they didn’t want to give him
opportunities to waste their time. He disliked that all they would do
is visit, teach, then leave instead of making conversation and such.
So when we went to Victor’s home, I was a little on guard for anything
Victor would do, and I was also trying to be very self aware of all of
my actions, my demeanor, words, and just everything. And while
conversing with Victor and getting to know him, we struck a lot of
common interests and opinions on things, including Star Wars especially
which was awesome. And about 45 minutes into the visit (it really is
difficult, so far, to get to the lessons with him) I brought up my
whole ideologies on how similar Star Wars is to the Gospel with the
Force being like the Spirit, there being the light side and dark side
just like in the Gospel, and many other very cool and very real
similarities. So now with the gospel being the topic of discussion,
we taught our lesson and discussed 3 different specific topics
pertaining to each of our favorite scriptures. I shared and spoke on
D&C 121:45-46 on the importance of Charity and Virtue, not only as a
Priesthood holder, as without those 2 attributes a Priesthood holder
could do nothing with the priesthood, but as a Disciple of Christ.
Elder Ramirez shared and spoke on Enos and the comfort that Enos
received about one day being able to rest in Heaven experiencing
eternal life and the peace that that knowledge can bring. And Victor
sarcastically picked a completely random scripture being:

1 Nephi 4:12 — And it came to pass that the Spirit said unto me again:
Slay him, for the Lord hath delivered him into thy hands;

He obviously just wanted to see how we would take that and apply it,
and too his surprise, we did. I don’t remember exactly what we said,
but it left him speechless and impressed and with the spirit very
present. Right before leaving with a prayer, Victor told me that he
really liked getting to know me and that he thought I was awesome and
that he wanted me to come back as much as possible while I’m serving
here. So the experience was a lot of fun, full of the spirit, and I
made a great new friend. He’s only in his mid 20s and he is a lot
smarter than this story may have lead anybody to believe.

On my P-Day here in Vancouver I get to play soccer for about 2 hours
every week which is actually a lot of fun. I’ve hardly played soccer
much in my life, but it’s pretty fun, at least when I’m just playing
it for fun with a bunch of other missionaries who are just trying to
have a good time. I’m not that bad either. Long legs make quite the

That was the summary for my week. The time is really beginning to fly
for me and November seems as though it is just coming faster and
faster. Missionaries around me are starting to comment on my age as a
missionary and how I will be going home soon even though I still have
9 months left. . .

Have a great week everyone.

Elder Adam R. F. Scoville


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