April 11, 2016 — Chopped Wood; Prayer Answered: Hat Returned

Week 67

I had a simple week. The work has been going well in Vancouver. I
don’t really have much that I feel has great worth to write for this
week. My companionship did a lot of service this week. We went up to
the mountains portion of our area and helped one of our
investigators on his property with yard work for a few hour 2 separate
times. I was able to chop wood again, which I really enjoyed and I
was able to start a fire for him and his family for dinner outside.
There were actually a number of times this week where I was able to
use some of the scouting skills that I developed before my mission
which was fun to recall for real life situations. I’ve been learning
how to more effectively use the body that I’ve been given. I am
extremely thankful for my body. It allows me to do many things and
effectively render much service for those that need it out here in the
areas that I serve in.

On Friday of last week, my Zone had a special Companionship Study
where we all met up that morning to have President Taylor, our Mission
President speak with us for almost 2 hours. He decided to do a Q&A
session with all of us and told us ahead of time to come with questions
prepared in order to have a good discussion in whatever topics were
to be brought up. It was a fun meeting. As questions were being
asked, President Taylor would give his answers and thoughts on the
questions and he left things open to allow anyone else to answer as
well if they felt that they could. He even called on others to answer
questions if he knew that they would be able to answer the questions.
It was a nice way for him to show trust in our knowledge and
understanding of the Gospel and also a nice way for him to spend some
time with some of his missionaries.

That same Friday, I also had a very simple prayer answered. And the
fact that it was answered meant a great deal to me. During my last
full week in Gresham back in January, I went on an exchange in the
Zone Leader’s area. On this exchange, I lost my hat (beanie) out in
the open rural part of the area right next to the house of an
investigator that we had gone to visit that day for the first time.
After the exchange was over and I realized that I had lost the hat,
and after I had figured out where I must have lost it, I thought to
myself that it would not be very likely that I would ever see that hat
again. The following week after I was transferred to Vancouver, I was
in the bathroom one day and I just decided to say a simple prayer
asking Heavenly Father to bring the hat back into my possession in
whatever way it would be possible, and expedient. I expressed in the
prayer that I knew that from were I was currently, I could do
basically nothing to bring this to pass except ask in prayer but that
I knew that Heavenly Father could bring anything to pass by His higher
ways. I closed the prayer and just thought in my mind that I knew
that I would get the hat back, at some point in the future at least.
Though I knew not when or how long I would be waiting. 3 months
later, on this last Friday, the Assistants to the Mission President
speak to me at the Zone Companionship Study and tell me that they have
a hat for me sitting in the car. One of them, Elder Brass, had gone
on exchanges earlier that week with the Zone Leaders down in Gresham
and had come across that hat I had lost 3 months earlier down in the
area where I had lost it. The investigator I had taught had picked up
the had and had recalled that it belonged specifically to me and told
the 2 Elders to return it to me when they would next see me. The hat
was returned and I let them know how amazing it was that this hat was
put back into my possession again. The prayer I said was completely
answered in its fulness with no room to doubt that Heavenly Father did
bring this about. Possessing the hat again is nice, but the small but
powerful witness of this simple prayer being so completely answered
was a tender mercy to me and a manifestation of Heavenly Father’s love
and care for everyone, and his recognitions towards even all of the
minor and trivial matters that we care about with our limited
perspectives of everything. It was cool to me. Prayers really will
always be answered when they are said in Faith. Always, because
Heavenly Father hears and works out every single one of them. Every
single prayer that is said in Faith, He will always respond.

Again, my week was simple, but still nice. I hope everyone back home
is doing well as always.

Elder Adam R. F. Scoville


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