April 25, 2016 — Prayerful Planning Wastes Not the Lord’s Errand

Week 68-69

There isn’t much that I wanted to write for the past 2 weeks. I did
have some amazing experiences but they will be shared when I finish my
mission. I just won’t write them here because I would prefer to not
have them posted.

I have been in Alameda now for almost a week now. I still don’t like
the area as a location, but the members here have changed since I was
last here 9 months ago. They are much more united than before. We
had a Family Home Evening activity at one of the member’s homes last
night after church and there were more people present for that than
there were for the church meetings. Almost every single person that
showed up to the activity bore testimony of the importance of Families
and how the Gospel applies to families and or shared personal
experiences of how the Gospel has blessed their lives. It was one of
the best Family Home Evenings that I have attended on my mission up to
this point because of how reverent the Spirit was with all of the
members and non-members that were present.

In the work, my 2 companions, Elder Ramirez and Elder Bleazard, and I
saw 2 very similar miracles that strengthened each of our testimonies
of how the Spirit works with leading us to to elect, and just in
general throughout life. On 2 separate days, we made our plans
followed by a huge amount of backup work, and to our surprise,
everything fell through both times. So we decided to begin our
prayerful search for who it is that we were in those 2 locations to
find. We have been taught that if we prayerfully prepare our plans
for the work every single night, that on the next day, we will always be
where we need to be. It is just our responsibility to follow where
the Spirit directs us. We walked around, talked to the people we came
across, knocked certain doors that had the key indicators for
Hispanics, and eventually with the spirit guiding us step by step, we
came across 2 miracle finds. The first was on Thursday of last week
and the young man that we found had recently just gotten out of prison
and was extremely humbled and looking for a church and a way to come
closer to God. We taught him about the Book Of Mormon and gave him a
copy of it and he told us that he could see based on how we spoke of
the Book that it was something extremely special and sacred to us and
that he would take care of it and definitely read into it. We
referred him over to the English elders with a lot of excitement and
high hopes for him. The second, was with an Asian woman that we found
who had a Cuban boyfriend. Neither she nor her boyfriend were
interested, but we pried at her for a referral of some kind since we
knew we had come to her home for some reason and she eventually gave
us the rough directions to 7 blocks down the road where we could find
her Asian friend who had a Mexican boyfriend. We went and contacted
the referral right away and found out that the boyfriend had just
started looking for a Spanish congregation to attend only about 1-2
weeks prior. Both of these finds were complete miracles and would Not
have happened had we not been doing our best to follow the Spirit and
not give up after all of our plans had fallen through since as we do
the work prayerfully, we will never be wasting the Lord’s time in the
locations that we come to throughout the work.

I have had a number of experiences like those throughout my mission
but I felt that those 2 were quite noteworthy, especially since they
were within such a short amount of time of each other and so blatantly
brought about by the Spirit.

I hope that everyone has a good week.

Elder Adam R. F. Scoville

– I saw the post about our Stake back home on LDS.org a few nights ago
about the Preach My Gospel Milestone. I thought that that was cool to
see, especially since i saw some familiar faces from back home.


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