April 4, 2016 — Goal Setting: O.D.O.R.P.A.L.

Week 66

This was a week full of much learning and note taking, and the
learning and note taking didn’t even start with General Conference on
the weekend. Throughout the week, my companionship was privileged to
interact with our Mission President’s 1st counselor President Anderson
and his wife multiple times. They even took us out to lunch just
because they felt like it in the middle of the week. President
Anderson is an extremely successful doctor and is one of the more
intelligent individuals that any of the 3 of us have met in our lives.
He is an advent learner and teacher of nearly anything to do with truth,
whether the truth is gospel related or secular. When he
took us out to lunch, we took more notes in our notebooks and iPads
than we ate food. He just explained things to us about how human mind
functions, how everyone processes things, why certain ways of doing
things are successful, the problems he sees in our mission and how
easily they can be solved, Hebraic explanations of gospel doctrines
and symbolisms, etc. Just a huge amount of knowledge that seems like
it doesn’t end. Being able to communicate so frequently with a member
of the mission presidency was quite nice. We normally have to go up
an obnoxious chain of authority to speak with anyone in the mission
presidency, but since he kept messaging and calling us, we were being
given free privilege to communicate back all throughout the week in
response to him. Much of the advice that he gave us we are now
applying in the work in the area. He gave us an extremely effect goal
setting technique call ODORPAL. The acronym stands for:
O — Outcome D — Date O — Obstacles R — Resources
P — Plan A — Action L — Leverage
He explained to us that in every single given situation, the ODOR
apply. Literally no matter what, there is an outcome to all things,
there is a date to when the outcome comes about, there are the
obstacles that are dealt with, and their are the resources used to
reach what ever the outcome may come out to be. But the purpose of
this technique is to Choose for yourself what you acknowledge each of
the things that fall under those categories and to follow through with
this acknowledgment by making a plan, acting on it, and remember what
the purpose of putting forth the effort to carry out the plan is. The
reason for doing so being what he called the “leverage.” We are
applying it alongside the Hermanas to a plan that we are enacting upon
the Spanish Branch. We are planning on completely changing for the
better the mindsets of all of the members in the Spanish Branch to
assist the work even more than they already are. One of the primary
parts of the plan is that this week, we will be meeting with
everything single active member in the Branch and going over the
lesson plan that we have set with them along with many other things.
It is an exciting plan and we are fully confident that we will much
success through it. The date is in 3 weeks for the outcome to be
brought to pass.

General Conference was very good, as it always is. My favorite talks,
in order, were Elder D. Todd Christofferson’s on Fathers, Elder
Jeffrey R. Hollands which surely will bring about much spiritual and
emotional comfort to all that listen to those consoling words that he
spake, President Russell M. Nelson’s on Priesthood Power, and
President Dieter F. Uchtdorf’s on being better Men, Husbands, and
Fathers. I had many questions that I had prepared before hand
answered from these talks along with many of the others that were
given. My favorite principle that I learned though was actually in
Elder Robert D. Hales talk on the Holy Ghost. How he explained that
the Holy Ghost plays a hugely in fluently role in our lives as we are
progressing in the Gospel and all throughout life, but that it is not
His responsibility to guide us in literally every single thing. Other
wise there would be not point to our Free Agency. It reminded me of
the scripture in the Bible that states that we are saved by Grace,
after all that we can do. The Holy Ghost can be looked at as a huge
participant in that Grace that we are promised as it especially guides
us in the times where we are unable to fulfill our objectives,
assignments, or anything really when we are no longer able to bring
about good outcomes on our own. General Conference was great. I feel
as though all missionary efforts now have another 35 new warheads full
of spiritual power and truth to use in the ongoing war between Heaven
and Hell.

I hope everyone had a good week and enjoyed Conference. It should be
fully watched if it wasn’t.

Elder Adam R. F. Scoville


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