February 15, 2016 — “No Growth in the Comfort Zone”

Week 59

This was the week of Valentine’s Day and therefore a week when love
was far more greatly emphasized than it usually is throughout society.
There were some. . . experiences, had this week that were noteworthy,
but not for the right reasons. But before sharing those, there are a
few other details of importance that I need to share first.

So I am now in a Tri-panionship with Elder Ramirez, who was already my
companion, and Elder Flynn, who was my companion about 7 months ago
down in the Alameda Portland area. Elder Flynn’s companion Elder
Jordan went home very abruptly on Wednesday afternoon. He found out
the day before, after his parents, the Mission President, and the
Mission Office staff decided that it would be best for the health of
Elder Jordan if he went home to a more well equipped hospital to
recover from whatever condition he currently has that just came out
of no where. Aside from other details about the no-name condition, he
had lost about 15 points in 10 days and was unable to really eat or
consume anything. Things were quite miserable for him. He and we
expect him to return back out within no more than 2 months, but
hopefully sooner. And until then the 3 of us are a Tri-panionship
together and our areas have been combined.

Now concerning the experiences had this week, during the emphasized
week of love thanks to Valentine’s Day, Elder Ramirez, Flynn, and I
had some of the most frustrating lessons that the 3 of us have ever
had on our missions. 3 solid appointments that we had over the space
of 2 days turned into over hour long bash sessions where the 3 of us
just sat back and listened to ignorant people rudely preach false
doctrine at our faces and tell us that the people of our faith are
blind to anything of the Spirit of God because we don’t read or know
the Bible at all. These lessons were just beyond frustrating and as I
sat in the lessons, I would just take in the false information that
they were giving me and run it through simulation after simile action
in my mind as to how many different ways I already know and can figure
out to just logically rip these people’s faith apart. And all while
doing this, I’m constantly reminded myself that this is not how the
Savior would handle this, especially with such malicious intent.
During and after these lessons, I prayed for more patience and charity
in order stop pondering on what I knew I wasn’t going to ever give
into doing, since missionaries are Never supposed to bash, and since as
a representative of Jesus Christ, it is a necessity that I love those
whom I am called to teach. And since I am called to teach and invite
Everyone to come unto Christ, regardless of one’s status in or outside
of the church, I am to love all people, no matter how much they
frustrate me in any given situation. Again, my patience was very
heavily tried this week, and I was reminded of how difficult it can be
for specifically me to love others, even more so in scenarios like
those 3 lessons. It is interesting to me though how I came to
experience these things in specifically this past week of all weeks in
the year since that feeling and attribute of love was so heavily
emphasized thanks to Valentine’s Day. I did my best to learn what I
was brought to realize I needed to learn and work on. So all of these
things came out good. There’s no growth in the comfort zone.

On Saturday, my Tri-panionship and the Hermanas had dinner at a
reception for a wedding scheduled. But there was a misunderstanding
of information and we actually ended up attending the wedding itself
instead of just the dinner part. When we sat down expecting the
dinner part of the reception to start, the bride came walking in
making it too late for the 5 of us to just leave. And the reason we
would have not wanted to be there for the wedding part is because,
first, it is against my mission’s rules unless it concerns someone the
missionaries are working with. Second, we were attending this wedding
alongside Hermanas. And third, the following day was Valentine’s Day
and so that was already the theme of thought for most people,
especially with a wedding taking place the day for. We made a good
experience out of the wedding though and were able to enjoy it since
we were still there for our dinner. We just had to wait a little
longer for the ceremony to take place and finish first. But it was a
good an enlightening experience to be able to attending a church
orchestrated wedding while being a missionary and not being there
focussed on anyone else aside from the couple being married.

My Tri-panionship also put some on date this past week for baptism.
The baptismal date is for March 5th. The lesson we had with the man
went extremely well. He full grasped and retained every single thing
we taught him. He even picked up on his own the difference in being
between God the Father and God the Son Jesus Christ which hardly
anyone ever catches without us first telling them when we shared the
First Vision. The setting we taught the man in was also pretty cool.
We taught him on a 6 story tall library on the 4th level’s massive
outdoor balcony area where we could see over the Columbia River into
Portland. So that was a cool addition to the whole experience.

But overall, my week went well and was a memorable one. I’m glad that
when ever holidays come around I am always, always, blessed with
unique and memorable experiences to remind me of how great of a
decision it was to come out to serve a full time mission. And the
blessing of all these great experiences is just a bonus to all of the
other things that I am privileged to witness, do, feel, and become.
The Mission is amazing.

I hope everyone back home had a good Valentine’s Day.

Elder Adam R. F. Scoville


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