February 22, 2016 — Effective Procrastination?

Week 60

There were a number of fantastic lessons this week, especially in
comparison to the more frustrating ones that I and my companions
experienced last week. I would like to share a few more than usual
for this week but will be keeping the stories a little more brief in
balance of that.

One last Tiesday night, I was able to teach the spiritual thought at a
member family’s home. This family also hosts the weekly Family Home
Evening in the Spanish Branch every Monday night for any of the
members that wish to attend. It was a little funny how the spiritual
thought came about. So I’ve almost always found myself to be an
effective procrastinator, especially when I need to be and when it is
for the sake of others. So when it was time for the Spiritual
Thought, my 2 companions looked to the Hermanas and assumed that they
had realized that it was their turn since we had taught the lesson the
night prior for Family Home Evening, and the Hermanas had assumed that
we had thought that we were suppose to be doing the thought since they
had done the previous actual Dinner thought. It was an honest mistake
on both ends, but nonetheless it was now this awkward and
unprofessional situation, in front of the members as well. So I just
said that I had the message in order to take away from everyone
present thinking that no one had given any thought to what we’d be
sharing that night. And I used the wording “had” instead of prepared
when I said that I had the thought since I hadn’t actually prepared
anything, yet. So we opened with a prayer and I was just planning on
relying on the spirit and my procrastination skills to kick in, and
they did. I had the principle in mind taught in the Doctrine &
Covenants about how when we trust in the Lord and simply just open our
mouths, He will fill it, sometimes even in the moment when we actually
need to know what it is we will be saying. So within seconds after
the “Amen” to the prayer, I decided on teaching about Testimonies.
And from that point onward until we left the members home, the Spirit
was there and it was strong. The message appeared to be perfect for
everyone that was present since it was, from what I’ve seen on my
mission, a little unorthodox to teach solely on the Testimony versus
on a typical principle in the Gospel, especially that is focussed on
in Preach My Gospel. The husband and wife in this family actually
both had their brother, and sister, over that evening for the dinner.
And neither of which are members. The Sister ended up feeling the
spirit so strong that she bore her testimony of how she knows that God
really does love and care about each and everyone of us by sharing an
experience that she had had in the past with some missionaries. The
spiritual thought went well and the Spirit was present, and strong.

On Tuesday through Wednesday, it was just Elder Flynn and I. Elder
Ramirez had to go home for 2 days this week to take care of some
family business, which is extremely rare and out of the ordinary for a
mission to do. So the 2 of us ran the area together for 2 days which
was pretty fun. The 2 of us had some very very very good
conversations and learned a lot by the spirit that was so present as
we talked and conversed. On Wednesday, we had our district meeting
and Hermana Eldredge gave a training on the Christlike Attributes, one
of my all time favorite subjects in Preach My Gospel and invited us
all to select at least one of the attributes to work on throughout the
week and to use our companions to work on these attributes by asking
them how they have developed that particular attribute and applied it
in their life. So Elder Flynn selected Faith and Virtue. But Virtue
is his main focus. And while I was in Gresham, I rigorously worked on
and developed a great level of Virtue, at least in comparison to where
I was before. Elder Flynn was aware of this and spent much of our
time together trying to learn from me about how I have strengthened my
own Virtue and especially applied it, not just as a missionary but as
a Priesthood holder and Disciple of Jesus Christ. The Spirit was very
present through these conversations we had during those 2 days
together and I was able to teach him many things and I was also able
to be taught many things concerning the attribute of Virtue that I
hadn’t realized existed, no that I even already know but hadn’t yet
formulated into understandable thoughts. I decided to work on Faith
myself as well, and Patience. I lack greatly in Patience, especially
on an internal level. I can be patient on the outside quite fine most
of the time, but on the inside within my thoughts, I am fully aware of
how frustrated or even angry and wrathful I am and can be. Therefore,
I will now focus on and develop a new level of Patience that will
hopefully see me through the rest of my life.

On Tuesday, Elder Flynn and I also taught an amazing lesson to one of
our investigators at the Library again. We taught him half of the
Plan of Salvation along with All of the commandments, excluding
Fasting and Fast Offerings. Those 2 just didn’t come up and we felt
we had already taught him a huge amount of things. But it was just
amazing how he was able to retain everything that we taught him. It
was over an hour of us just giving him pure spiritual knowledge on
Gospel principles and he just soaked it all up and was able to express
it back to us in his own words. My companionship and I are very
excited for when this man will be baptized. He is very prepared and

On Saturday night, we taught a full Hispanic family of 8. All
baptismal age as well. The father told us at the start of the lesson
that he had no plans of changing his religion but that he simply just
wanted to hear about what we believed. So we taught him one of the
most important things that we believe: the Restoration. The
3 of us taught almost perfectly together. More perfectly than we
probably taught that lesson in months. And one by one, members of
this man’s family just came into the massive living room and stopped
what they were doing to listen. The lesson was a little long at over
an hour but when we finished it and had explained the significance and
importance of the Book Of Mormon and what we can come to know by it,
the man was a little speechless and told us that he and his family
were going to begin reading the book all together right away. So not
only did the father experience a change of heart on the spot, but he
is going to lead this large family of his in coming to know if these
things are true as well. The lesson we had with them was a miracle.
Teaching that many people who all happened to be home at the exact
same time is rare and a miracle in itself.

So that was a decent portion of the cool experiences that I had this
past week. There are others but I feel that this was enough to share.
Have a great week everyone.

Elder Adam R. F. Scoville


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