March 14, 2016 — When All Things Come Together…

Week 63

My companionship had an amazing week. We were not able to go tracting
even one time this past week because of all of the teaching that we
were doing. Every single lesson that we taught was a full scale
discussion where we were able to teach a lesson out of Preach My
Gospel except for one lesson that we had with a Less-Active throughout
the week. All throughout the week we just got in with almost every
person that we went to teach, whether they were set appointments or
just try bys of referrals or other people in our Areabook. At times
we were having back to back to back sit down discussions with our
investigators in their homes and it was amazing. There wasn’t really
any one or two specific lessons that stood out throughout the week
since they were all just so spiritual and amazing. We would make
conversation with those that let us in, explain our purpose, open the
lesson with a prayer, teach one of the discussion from Preach My
Gospel, help them understand what we were teaching with the
scriptures, answer any questions they had, leave them with a
commitment of sorts, close with a prayer, and leave. Over and over
and over again. It was just amazing.

Also my companions and I have really been figuring out how to work
with each other just better and better and better almost ever day it
seems. It is cool how we do most of our teaching. We trust each
other’s skill sets as missionaries so much that none of us really need
to worry about anything when we are working. For example, Elder Flynn
is great at breaking the ice with people and going into a conversation
on any subject, while Elder Ramirez is great at keeping a conversation
going and helping those we work with to feel good and comfortable
about our presence, while I have come to the point where I can give a
good and well learned response to basically any question that we are
asked. Whether I know something or not I will have an answer that will
satisfy the intent of any question asked, and as my companions say, I
just express raw information and knowledge when I teach which the two
of them mold into a way that is more personal for every person. This
is very cool and satisfying to all 3 of us the way we have come to
work together because we all get to enjoy the gifts that we have all
been given as missionaries.

On Saturday, we went up into the mountains of our area to contact some
very far spread out referrals and potential investigators that we
have. We drove about 70 miles in 2-3 hours, made some funny videos,
had some good gospel discussions with each other, and saw some amazing
views. It was a good time and although driving so much can suck, it
can be very enjoyable when the most is made out of it.

On this upcoming Saturday our investigator, named Enrique, will be
getting baptized. He had his baptismal interview last week by a
member of our mission presidency who speaks Spanish. The interview
went great and Enrique was brought to realize how ready he is. We are
very excited for the baptism and so is the Spanish Branch. We also
had 3 of our most rampantly progressing investigators at church on
Sunday. All 3 of them stayed for all 3 hours and were heavily
involved in everything. And the members were all heavily involved
with them. At points it didn’t even seem like they were investigators
because of how much they were participating. They even at points
answered questions in the Gospel Principles class and correctly
explained deeper aspects of some of the doctrine which was very
satisfying to hear meaning that they had been taught effectively and
that they had retained what they were taught.

So my week was simple, but full of miracles and so much work. It was
a good week.

Have a good week everyone.

Elder Adam R. F. Scoville


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