March 28, 2016 — Questions Brings Answers – Even if Through Your Own Mouth

Week 65

March 21st through March 28th was a fast week. Almost everyone that
I’ve communicated with thus far in my Zone have all shared the same
thoughts. This past week flew by very fast, almost as though the
entire week felt as though it were only a day’s worth of time that was
actually experienced. But nonetheless, it was another great week out
here in the Mission Field. There were some noteworthy miracles that
happened along with other good experiences.

Last Tuesday, March 22nd, was Zone Conference. I love having Zone
Conferences because they are literally one of the best times out of
one time every three months that we have them to just learn and be
edified by the spirit through the Mission Presidency. Now whenever
meetings come around that are specifically for missionaries, whether
it be District Meetings, Zone Meetings, Zone Conferences, or Mission
Conferences, I have tended to always put on this very sober and solemn
demeanor, more so than usual kind of as my way of being prepared
mentally and spiritually to teach and be taught. Most of my
companions and certain other missionaries who I have served around for
longer periods of time have come to understand this, but many others
have taken it differently. I don’t mind though since it makes people
think that I don’t want to be spoken to, which is semi true, but not
for the reasons that they may think. I’m glad that I was blessed to
be the type of person that has come to have such little concern for
the thoughts of others about me as long as I know that my purpose(s)
behind things is righteous and worthwhile in God’s sight. Catching up
with old friends at large meetings is fun, but I always attend those
meetings with other motives and intentions my mind such as to solely
be taught and spiritually fed. I often leave those meetings with what
I come to them for as well.

So at Zone Conference there were a number of awesome things that
happened. But 2ish of them that I would like to share were very
important to me. And interestingly enough they both built upon one
1. Out of the 2 Zones that attended this large meeting, there came a
time for “Break Out Session” where all of the missionaries were to be
split up into 3 separate groups to be taught in 3 separate locations
transitioning in a cycle every 20-30 minutes. My first cycle was with
President Taylor. He had prepared his training for everyone but
decided before he got started that he wanted to ask all of the present
missionaries in my group if any of us had any questions pertaining to
the Doctrine of the Gospel or pertaining to the people that we were
working with in our individuals areas. Immediately I realized that I
had failed to prepare any questions before the meeting just in case
something like this were to happen. I usually have a question or more
prepared and on hand at all times just in case for situations like this
but this time I had just forgotten to prepare one. Elder Flynn and
Elder Ramirez both immediately looked at me and told me to ask a
question because they know that whenever I ask questions they always
lead to very spiritual discussions and therefore they wanted me to
bring one about in this situation since we had President Taylor in
front of us just opening himself up to teach us whatever we wanted to
learn about. Other’s began asking some questions, but very specific
ones concerning very specific situations in their areas. The
questions were good but it was obvious that everyone was just excited
and anxious to ask whatever popped into their minds first simply
because being given this kind of opportunity is relatively rare. [For
general reference, being able to ask anyone of the Mission Presidency
questions about the Gospel is basically like being able to ask a
General Authority since their levels of spiritual understanding and
knowledge is in the same playing field]. So I took a moment and went
through some of the things that I had been recently studying and took
a moment with my eyes closed and quickly searched for something from
the Spirit that would be beneficial to everyone present in the break
out session. I almost feel like I was forcing my mind to just
sync to the spiritual wave length just long enough to get a thought
that I could turn into a worthwhile question. It worked and I ended
up asking President Taylor a question on Spiritual Gifts. I was
unable to fully ask the question that I had come up with but excepted
that the way he ended up answering what I was able to ask must have
just been what needed to be stated for the sake of the others present.
President Taylor shared some sensitive information when he answered
the question. He ended up talking on it for about 10 minutes and I
learned about something that lead to the following experience that I am
very glad that I had.
– The primary lesson learned from this though, is that as members
of the church always striving to better ourselves through specifically
learning followed by applying what we learn, we should always have a
question or questions prepared before-hand for all situations in which
we are expecting to be taught by the Spirit. I have another thought
on this that I will expound on after sharing the next experience.
2. After that break out sessions was over, I had been endowed with a
very good question to ask Sister Taylor now that I was fully confident
would lead to some deep spiritual learning. I just needed to find an
opportunity to ask it now, followed by a setting for a conversation to
be carried out. I went through the two remaining break out sessions
followed by lunch trying to figure out in the back of my mind how I
was going to accomplish this. When lunch was over and everyone was
gathering back in the chapel for the remaining portion of the Zone
Conference, I found a moment when Sister Taylor was not being
bombarded by missionaries, primarily Sisters, that wanted her
attention, as she acts similar to a Mother in her role as the Mission
President’s wife. I went up to her and asked her if I could have a
moment to ask her a question after the rest of the meeting came to its
close. She said yes of course and I returned to my seat only
expecting to have maybe 5 minutes to talk with her after the meeting
before she would be bombarded again by many of the missionaries
present for the meeting. 2-3 hours later, Zone Conference is over
now, and it was a very beautiful and spiritual meeting, and
immediately within seconds after the closing prayer was said, Sister
Taylor walked over to where I was sitting on the benches and pulled me
out of the chapel into the hallway and told me that we were going to
go into a private location where I could ask her my question. Now
when I realized that she was giving me more attention than I had
expected her to give me, I recognized that Sister Taylor is more
spiritually sensitive than I had expected, as the question that I had for
her was not one that she would have been able to fully answer had
there been many others around. So now we are in a secluded location
where no one will interrupt us and she asks me what it is that I
wanted to discuss with her having given me her full attention. I ask
her my questions and a very spiritual discussion commences that lasted
somewhere between 20-30 minutes which was definitely much longer than
I had been expecting or even hoping for. There were things shared
that brought much depth to this discussion and that developed a new
level of understanding between Sister Taylor and I.
– It is so interesting to me. In the scriptures we are taught
that all things work together for good to those who trust God, and
that eternal principle is extremely true. So many experiences in the
lives of so many different and unique people testify of that eternal
principle. I had actually been quite discontent with how my question
had gone during the brake out session since I had been cut off when I
attempted to ask my question about Spiritual Gifts, but although I had
been cut off I assumed that it was for the good of the others present
since the answer that President Taylor had given would not have been
given had I finished asking my full question. Nor would he have
shared the vital piece of information that he shared which is exactly
what lead to me being able to ask the question that I asked to Sister
Taylor. It is interesting.
But what I was planning on coming back to from the 1st experience
concerned how powerful Questions can be. As missionaries we are
taught the importance of asking “Inspired Questions” in our teaching
as there is much of the most important teaching and learning done
through questions. Jesus Christ and also Paul in the New Testament of
the Bible did a huge amount of their teaching through questioning
those that they taught in order to teach eternal principles and
truths. The Restoration of the Gospel was brought about through the
single inspired question of Joseph Smith offered in his prayer in the
Sacred Grove. And many other marvelous things have been revealed by
God simply because someone asked an inspired question. Something else
that I find amazing about questions, especially in the Church Of Jesus
Christ Of Latter-Day Saints, is that we are encouraged to always be
asking questions, especially as it pertains to what we need to know
concerning Salvation. I have learned that there are any other faiths
and religions that strangely despise questions of things and prefer
blind faith as opposed to truth seekers who are striving to better
understand what they believe in. The reasoning behind this being that
too many questions will inevitably always lead to the realization that
everything one believes in does not add up when cross referenced with
the eternal nature of God, unless one is in the true Church of God
that actually has the answers to everyone, along with the means to
receive an answer for all things, being the gift of the Holy Ghost and
a Prophet. Questions are a power that can literally destroy all of the
works of Satan when they are asked with absolute sincerity of
heart. It is amazing because once a question is asked with the
prerequisites described in Moroni 10:4, God cannot back down on that
promise that He has given and he Will give an answer in which Satan
has absolutely no power to distort. That is amazing to me.

On another note pertaining to the power of questions, I have learned
for myself recently that the most effective way for me, myself, to
access everything that I have learned out here and throughout my life,
specifically regarding the Gospel, is through being asked questions.
It is so strange how one moment I could just be searching in my mind
for something that I know to express and would be exhausting my mind
at the attempt before coming across something from who knows how long
ago, but then when a question is asked, it is as though the Spirit just
plucks out the necessary information, knowledge, and wisdom regarding
that subject to answer the question and half the time I will end up
saying things that I did not yet know before hand. One of the
Apostles, I don’t remember who but I think it was Elder Maxwell,
taught that when things like this happen and pure knowledge is being
expressed that was not yet known before hand, it can be attuned to a
surety that the Spirit is present and is the one that is truly
teaching. It has been so cool recently since I’ve discovered this about
myself. Elder Ramirez, my companion has been working extremely hard
lately to do anything that he can to learn more and gain more
knowledge about the Gospel. He has been asking me random Gospel
related questions everyday about all sorts of things and he has been
writing down in a new study journal that he bought last P-Day almost
everything that has been coming out of my mouth. I have been becoming
more and more excited for the questions that he has been asking me as
I am learning things as well from the answers that I am giving him. I
have been taking my own notes on many of the things that I have been
saying as well that I had not yet known before hand. It is so crazy
to me how it all works because as these things are stated which we
would not have known before hand, it doesn’t make any sense that we
could be so sure of the things being said as truth except that for
some reason, Elder Flynn, Elder Ramirez, and I are all hearing these
things and they are just resonating with our spirits as pure truth.
It is kind of cool to just be taking notes on the words coming out of
my own mouth. Gifts that I have been blessed with are truly being
manifested and it can all be attuned to how much more powerfully the
Spirit has been present in my companionship over the past few months.
There are just miracles happening and it is such a privilege to
witness them all.

In closing for this email I have one more miracle to share.

Yesterday, Easter Sunday, was one of the best Sunday’s of my mission,
in terms of experiencing success as a missionary. Elder Flynn, Elder
Ramirez and I, had an investigator come to church finally after a
number of months of working with him and the man decided to bring his
family along with him: wife, son, and daughter (all above baptismal
age). The church meetings started off quite horribly with the fact
that for the first 5 minutes of Gospel Principles class, the only
people present was my companionship, the Hermanas who were teaching
the class and who had been asked to teach the class less than 10
minutes prior, and the investigator’s family that attended. . . It
was a huge embarrassment that NO one else from the branch was here
yet. And even through to the end of the class, only 2 people showed
up. My companionship and the Hermanas were extremely confused because
there have never been this few members present in the class, and of
all times as well with a family present for the first time in the
church. I prayed privately in my mind that everything would work out
for better and that the family would still be able to have a good
experience here at the church for their first time, and I’m sure that
the Hermanas and my companions did the exact same thing in their minds
too as we were all very uncomfortable with how few members were
present in the class. the 2nd hour followed and there were more
members that had showed up and the Elder’s Quorum class went great.
It was full of dry humor as they usually are while being encompassed
by a good and relatable lesson to the lives of all the men present.
And the Hermanas told us that the Relief Society lesson had been
excellent as well and that the investigator’s wife had expressed to
them that she had loved the class and thought it was beautiful. This
was very pleasing to hear. Now it is Sacrament Meeting, and even
better, Fast & Testimony Meeting. And half of the branch was absent.
Yet again, my companionship and the Hermanas are nervous for the sake
of the investigators. So the meeting begins and everything is going
accordingly. There are members getting up to bare their Testimonies,
even without any pauses as well. Again I say another prayer that the
investigators may have their hearts touched by the Spirit that their
feelings and impressions from having attended this church will make
them want to return again. An hour later, Sacrament Meeting has gone
15 minutes over and the final person getting up to bare their
Testimony is our investigator’s wife! She walks up to the podium and
one of the members from the branch goes with her, someone that only
just met her that day but is now good friends, and the wife bore her
Testimony of how amazing her experience had been that day in the
church. She expressed a huge amount of appreciation for the
missionaries having found her husband and beginning to teach him the
Gospel as she has seen over the past few months that her husband has
been becoming a better person in many different ways thanks to us
bringing the Gospel into their home. Although it was a simple
Testimony, it was extremely powerful and very spiritual for the entire
congregation to hear. When she returned to her seat, our Branch
President stood up to close the meeting and singled out the family and
told them over the podium, in a very loving manner, that what they
had been feeling in this meeting was the Spirit of the Holy Ghost and
that if they wanted to continue feeling that Spirit, they would need to
continue attending in the future and that everyone in the congregation
had been very happy to have them there that day. After the meeting
closed, nearly all of the members in the branch that had been present
swarmed over to where the family had been sitting and just made them
the focal point of attention. Now on Tuesday we are going to be
holding a Family Home Evening with them along with the woman’s family
that had walked up to the podium with the wife. All prayers that had
been said during church by not only I, but my companions and the
Hermanas as well had definitely been answered, even with the hours
that they were said. It was an amazing day at church with how things
turned out.

That’s what I wanted to share for this past week. I hope everyone had
a great Easter and that everyone is preparing questions for General
Conference this weekend.

Elder Adam R. F. Scoville


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