March 7, 2016 — Listen to the Spirit and Glorify God

Week 61 – 62

The past 2 weeks were some of the more difficult on my mission. They
were along the lines of the times in life where right as we are
picking ourselves back up from a beating, we are struck right back
down to the ground with an exponentially increasing force. In this
case being exponentially heavy trials or aspects of trials each time I
rose back up onto my feet. But the combination of trying forces have
passed for the time being and through the enabling power of the
Atonement I have been built stronger than I was before and have been
refined to be of a purer substance than I was yet aware I would be
achieving at this point in my life, specifically being the fact that
this type of refinement took place on my mission. I really focused a
lot of my studies and thoughts throughout these past 2 weeks on how
trials work and why we experience them. In many different places
throughout all of the scriptures we are taught that the Lord tries
those whom He loves, and especially with the more grueling trials, they
whom He trusts. I really internalized the principle of how all things
work together for good to those who love and trust God. I exercised a
lot of trust, to the best I could, through the past 2 weeks and I can
definitely look back and say that I experienced some very great
blessings to help me along the way. And I wanted to share 2 of them.

So the first took place 2 weeks ago on Friday night. Hermana Alvarez
was very sick and requested a blessing. She selected me to give
the blessing and to seal the anointing. But this blessing I gave her
was different from any other that I have participated in throughout my
entire mission. As I gave the blessing, I literally felt as though I
was discerning her mind by the Spirit and ended up, although giving her
a blessing that pertained to her sickness, focused more on another
personal matter that I didn’t know about before hand. The words that
I was directed to say by the spirit were some of the most correct and
accurate words I have heard given in a blessing in the past year of
serving out here. I knew that they were exactly what she needed to
hear without even knowing before hand what was going on and she told
me that they were exactly what she needed to hear and that the
direction she received was perfect. It was an extremely spiritual
blessing. Honestly, more spiritual than any blessing I’ve participated
in giving or even being a part of throughout my entire mission. This
experience reminded me how personal Heavenly Father and the Lord so
perfectly know us all and how they can work by any and all means to
bring about their righteous purposes.

The 2nd experience was yesterday at dinner on Fast Sunday. I had been
preparing to give a spiritual thought on the Resurrection for the family we would be eating with. And normally when I do dinner
thoughts, I don’t always put a huge amount of preparation into them
since often time, at least for me, what I’ve ended up saying and how
I’ve said it is what has always needed to be heard by the families I
have been able to dine with. So a couple seconds before I gave the
spiritual thought, talking on the Resurrection just wasn’t feeling
right. Normally I have full confidence in just talking
and letting the words flow out of me as the spirit is present, but in
this case, I was having to put forth serious effort to organize my
thoughts and search through the scriptures, which told me that I
needed to change the subject. So I did, and shared a message on
Spiritual Gifts in stead. It went amazing. The family was touched,
as the message seemed to have been good for them, but what was more
profound was what
I was told when my tri-panionship and the Hermanas walked out to the
car. One of the Hermanas told me that her fast had literally been
answered after I gave that spiritual thought (since it was Fast
Sunday) because of what she learned, and one of my companions told me
the same thing later that night. The peace that this experience
brought just reassured me that I was still fulfilling my role as an
instrument in the hands of the Lord since in this case I was able to
be a conduit for the answers to at least 2 individuals prayers, even
Fasts. It made me happy, because they both expressed some bold
appreciation to the Lord that their payers got answered so quickly
which is always nice to hear, when your actions lead to the glorifying
of God in other’s parts.

Experiences like those really help me along the way. Sometimes things
that don’t always pertain directly to the work come up and they bring
me down, quite low sometimes too, but relying on the meaning of my
purpose and the doctrines and principles of the Gospel and most
importantly the Savior Jesus Christ, allows me and anyone else to
overcome any and all difficulties, no matter the depth of despair that
a trial or trials may bring.

I pray that everyone is doing well back home still.

Elder Adam R. F. Scoville


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