May 16 — Revelation Can Come Anytime, Anywhere – Even in the Bathroom

Weeks 71-72

I apologize for not writing an email last week. Something came up
that was actually very important that I couldn’t lay aside which took
away all of my time to write.

So 2 weeks ago, Elder Ramirez, Elder Bleazard, and I were in a lesson
with an investigator named Gerardo Lopez. I had been very tired
throughout the day and even while in the lesson after I had just taken
a short nap during lunch. So I didn’t pay very good attention to how
the lesson had been going for the first half. But towards the end of
the lesson, I tried really hard to pay attention for a moment so that
I could involve myself in order to contribute to the lesson and assist
my companions in the teaching. Then all of a sudden, there was a
moment where I had an instinctive urge to just begin speaking after I
was to locate a specific scripture to begin speaking off of. When I
began to speak and felt an infusion of Spiritual power come over me
and as I spoke to Gerardo, I could feel the Holy Ghost speaking
through me and that God was endowing me with power to magnify my
Priesthood and Calling as a Representative of Jesus Christ. The way
that I was speaking, and patterns in my wording, the synergy between
the thoughts that I was expressing were as if I were teaching and
testifying as Alma, Amulek, Ammon, or someone else straight out of the
Book Of Mormon. Towards the end of the 5 minutes that I had spoken, I
could not only see but feel within the core of my soul that the words
I had spoken had pierced Gerardo to the core of his heart and that his
spiritual faculties had been awaken. I knew full well how much power
had just been wrought through me by the Spirit of the Holy Ghost, and
it truly was powerful. I have scarcely been privileged to teach and
testify with that kind of power on my mission. I boldly admonished
Gerardo to be baptized at the close of the words that had been leaving
my mouth by the Spirit of the Holy Ghost. Everyone in the room,
including my companions, had been staring at me up to this point
because of the amount of raw spiritual power that had been emanating
from me. At his point Gerardo decided that he would finally just take
a baptismal date and be baptized and put aside his previous doubts
that had been holding him back for the past many months that he had
been meeting with missionaries. This was amazing because this man was
not one who would take a baptismal date. He didn’t like the idea of a
date and he had been so caught up in his doubts that he just felt like
it would be awhile before he would be able to feel comfortable being
baptized. But after the Spirit that he had felt and been overpowered
by, there was no room left within him to not act on it and do
something. This experience was powerful for me. I know that I spoke
with a great amount of power and godliness being manifest through me
by the power of the Holy Ghost and I know how marvelous and great of a
privilege it was to speak with that kind of power. It was just so
immense that at the close of the words which were spoken, my eyes
began to water up and although I never shed a tear, they went on to
continue watering throughout the remainder of the visit each time I
wouuld think about how I had felt while I had been speaking and how I
could just know with a perfect surety that Gerardo was going to except
a baptismal date because of what he had felt. Even now as I wrote all
of this down, my body trembled at the thought of the power that I felt
during that lesson while I had been speaking. Just thinking about it
and bringing the experience back up to my memory still overwhelms me a
little. This calling of a Representative of Jesus Christ is amazing.
The authority and power that we have and hold is immense and truly
above that of the Kings of the Earth. Nothing else can compare with
it since it comes directly from God through His Priesthood Order.
This was another one of those experiences that reaffirmed that the
Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints really is the only true
and living church of Christ on the Earth today. No other church can
command with this kind of authority and power through the Spirit.
This experience truly was amazing and I am truly thankful that I was
privileged to be the one to speak with the Holy Ghost influencing my
words that directly in that lesson. It was all in Spanish as well.

This past week I had one other noteworthy experience that I’d like to
share. On Tuesday, I was on exchanges with my District Leader so I
handled the area for the day, since he obviously couldn’t speak
Spanish. But it was still a great exchange. We accomplished a lot of
work that day though. But in the evening, we had an appointment with
the Father of a very active Spanish Member from Vancouver. Hermana
Abdalah is her name and she came down to accompany us with her father
who is inactive in the lesson. The lesson was pretty bold and
powerful. Normally it is unwise to carry out a lesson the way that I
did like this but in this case it seemed necessary. I didn’t allow
Hermana Abdalah to speak very much as I taught him the full
restoration, since we decided we were going to restart the lesson with
him, and just spoke calmly but with confidence as I taught. During
the lesson, there were other people present in the home doing their
own things. One of the people there was actually an investigator that
the Hermanas in Vancouver are working with right now named Luz. But
as I taught, there was a spiritual climax that came when I shared the
First Vision of Joseph Smith. When I shared it, Luz and the other
people present stopped what they were doing and just turned around a
looked towards where the lesson was taking place and watched, though
they were compelled to be reverent to the Spirit that was present.
That was very cool to me. Hermana Abdalah also bore her testimony and
shared her conversion story which is a powerful one and said the
closing prayer for the lesson. There was a 10+ second long pause in her
prayer where there was another Spiritual climax that left her in
tears. Her father was speechless by the end of the visit and had had
little to say before we left which told us that he had felt the Spirit
that was present. It was a cool lesson. The power of the
message of the Restoration is strong.

I also wanted to share a cool insight that I had yesterday while I was
in the bathroom studying. I have just copied the notes that I took
and how the experience played out here to be read. I haven’t edited
any of it.

Bathroom Revelation – Pure Knowledge
1. The order in which we bring our matters up to Heavenly Father in
prayer can be extremely influential to the outcomes of our prayers.
Expressing Gratitude, followed by praying for the welfare of others,
and leaving the focus towards one’s own self in the prayer until the
end is far more effective because by carrying out such acts of
selflessness, one is inviting the Spirit of the Holy Ghost which will
then guide us in what we ask for concerning ourselves. This way we
will be guaranteeing that we do not ask astray and only ask for that
which falls in line with the will of God. *Praying is powerful.
Praying by the spirit is key. There is a reason we are taught to not
pray with vain repetition. When we really think about what we are
grateful for, and then we express that thanks in the prayer, we invite
the spirit. Maybe that’s why the asking portion of the prayer is after
we give thanks; when we give sincere thanks we invite the spirit, then
the spirit can guide what we ask for, and as it saith in D&C 46:30,
“he that asketh in the spirit asketh according to the will of God;
wherefore it is done even as he asketh.” *Elder Ramirez’s
2. One of the keys to observing is being grateful. As we look for
things to be grateful for we become more observant of how much good
there is in this world and all around us. Asking Heavenly Father in
prayer to help us recognize all the good around us that we may give
thanks to Him for it all is an excellent way to improve one’s
observational skills. Grateful people are oft time extremely
observant people as well since they notice so many things round about
them for which to give thanks to Heavenly Father. The opposite can
oft time be said of those who are ungrateful and who spend their
energy noticing that which is frustrating or negative. That type of
person is often extremely oblivious to their surroundings, especially
the good things that surround them. Attempting to be more grateful
invites the Spirit more and it broadens our perspectives of many
things. It helps us better understand the mind of Heavenly Father and
the love that He and the Savior Jesus Christ both have for each and
every one of us.
3. This assistance from God that we receive to be able to notice the
blessings all around us more can become a Spiritual Gift to be more
observant which gift would transfer to many other productive and
beneficial uses in and throughout life. This Spiritual Gift of
Observance would continue to grow in strength and effectiveness as
well from continued efforts towards being more grateful and noticing
more things for which to be thankful. Praying with all the energy of
heart could be applied by using all of one’s energy while praying to
find things to express gratitude for.
* I received all of this knowledge after being endowed with pure
knowledge while in the bathroom of the Astoria Apartment in the
Portland Alameda Spanish area. I was reading about the principle of
Prayer in the book True To The Faith. I had just said an extensive
prayer in Spanish to practice my Spanish since it was language study
and had expressed a great amount of gratitude on a number of things,
and I had also asked Heavenly Father to teach me how to pray better.
Within about 1-2 minutes of closing the prayer and continuing to read
about the principle of Prayer, the pure knowledge just appeared in my
mind and I knew what I wrote. But I hadn’t formed it into words yet.
Over the next 20 minutes from leaving the apartment through driving to
our next working activity, I shared what I had learned and just
expressed all of the thoughts that came into my mind right as they
came and the bases of the information recorded above is what the
Spirit gave me to say. It was a gratifying experience that I am very
thankful for. It was a wonderful learning opportunity for Elder
Ramirez, Elder Bleazard, and myself. We were all taught by the Spirit
at the time.

I hope everyone has a great week.

Elder Adam R. F. Scoville


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