May 2, 2016 — Many Mini Miracles

Week 70

This past week was full of many mini miracles. They just seemed to be
everywhere, especially more so as my companions and I recognized more
and more of them every day. They were little miracles and blessings
as simple as the traffic lights working for our favor as we were
driving all across our area. On one of the days, we drove a little
over 100 miles in the day trying to make it to everything that we had
set for the day and we ended up listening to 3 different talks, all by
a fireside speaker named Hank Smith. He uses a lot of humor in his
firesides to keep his audience listening intently and by listening to
the 3 talks that I had by him, it kept all of our spirits up for that
long day of driving since we were laughing so much.

Some of the other miracles that we experienced were for other areas.
Throughout the week we found some very solid referrals for many
different areas. We even found 2 different referrals for the YSA
Elders which is a little more rare, and we found a referral for the
Tongan Ward Elders which is extremely rare. The Tongan referral is
even a new investigator for their area now which is very exciting for
them since they don’t often actually get to work with non-member Tongans
since so many of them are already members of the church in the area.

The 3 of us were also in the right places at the right times all
throughout the week. One of the days, we were on Hayden Island which
is between Portland and Vancouver doing some tracting and met this
extremely sad woman who had just recently had multiple unconnected
horrible things happen to her. We just put her in contact with the
English Missionaries and introduced the Spirit a little to remind her that
God was still watching over her and loved her before walking away.
She told us before we walked away that she had just been praying
recently for something to happen that could help her, and something
that I have always loved on my mission is being privileged to be
the specific answer to people’s prayers. And especially to find out
that I am participating in being an answer to people’s prayers.

This weekend was also the Women’s Conference and there was another YSA
Devotional, both of which I watched during my nightly studies. I
learned a lot from them both. Elder and Sister Runlend’s talk on
Charity has been one of the best that I have ever heard on that topic.
It was extremely detailed and I learned a lot and gained some great
new insights into the scriptures that they used in the talk. The
Devotional was also great, especially my perspective as a missionary
since it was focussed on the doctrine of the First Vision of Joseph
Smith, something that we teach a lot out in the field. I always get
excited when the church releases new things to watch and read and for
the members of the church to learn from.

My week went well and we put someone on date for baptism for the 28th
of May. She is extremely spiritual and elect. We’re excited.

Have great week everyone

Elder Adam R. F. Scoville


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