May 30, 2016 — This is the Kind of Stuff That Brings Joy to Missionaries, and to the Lord

Week 74

This was a fantastic week full of miracles. Elder Bleazard, Elder
Ramirez, and I had a huge amount of success this past week. At the
end of last week we had put 3 more people on date for baptism putting
us at 7 people on date for baptism in total. Now for some that might
not seem like a big deal, but for us, and for this area, that is
amazing. This area has been struggling for about the past 2+ years,
from what I know, it could be even farther back, and now is just on
fire for the work. Those that are elect and ready are just showing up
now and really are elect and ready to hear the Gospel. The 7 people
that we have on date for baptism are of course not just guaranteed to
be baptized. They still have their agency and can still be affected
by the temptations of the Adversary, but they are all nonetheless very
prepared individuals. The least solid person that we have on date is
meeting with us 2 times a week and keeping all of his commitments and
having his work schedule changed so that he can attend church.
Everyone else is even more solid than he is, which is awesome. Here
are a few of the awesome experiences that I had that I will share:

1. Tuesday evening we took a member out with us that will be leaving
for his mission in a few months to the Philippines, although he took 5
years of Spanish in school which is why he is perfect to come out with
us. We pulled into the parking lot where we were going to go and
visit our investigator that is getting baptized this up coming Sunday
and we see this man kneeling on the ground outside in shorts crying
his eyes out in deep heartfelt prayer. We decided to go over and
speak with the man and see if there was anything that we could do to
help him. When we went over, he welcomed us to pray with him and our
member, the 3 of us in my companionship, and the man knelt on the
ground for the next 15 minutes (Elder Bleazard marked the time on his
watch) and listened to this man just sincerely beg God for help and
for a “remission” (the word he used) of his sins. After this period
of time had passed, Elder Ramirez, who was closest to him, began
questioning him and asking him exactly what he wanted and what he
thought about us, the missionaries, showing up as he had been praying.
He told us that he knew that we had been sent by God as a direct
answer to his prayers and he told us that although he had just lost
nearly everything in his life, that all he wanted right now was a
remission of all of his sins so that he could feel truly happy past
what any material thing could bring him. Then I began to teach him
about the doctrine of baptism and the priesthood authority and how we
could prepare him for that ordinance in order for him to receive what
he wanted. The man was so overjoyed that he asked if we would just
end doing the baptism right there on the spot, which we answered no
to. We began trying to figure out a way to work out his situations
and came to the conclusion that we would return the next day to where
he was currently homeless to figure out more about his situation and to
begin teaching him the doctrine. I won’t explain the rest but we did
return the next day and had one of the most productive Restoration
discussions that I have had on my mission with this man and put him on
date for baptism. It was an amazing experience.
2. On Saturday, my companionship a member and 2 investigators went to
the Portland Temple Visitors Center. That was amazing. One of those
investigators we put on date for baptism last Friday the day before
and had a very effective “How To Begin Teaching” lesson with her that
went very well. We had taught this woman exactly what she needed to
hear at the moment since she was in tears throughout half the lesson
because of how distraught she is with her life right now. We read
Mosiah 4:6-12 with her after clearly teaching her exactly what the act
of the Atonement of Jesus Christ was and has done for us and what joy
and peace she can obtain through learning how to access its power. So
while we were at the temple the following day, we watched the
Restoration movie and God’s Plan For Families movie with them all.
The investigators and their kids and the member that we brought who is
getting ready for her endowment session were so attentive and loved
every moment that they were at the Temple. After over an hour of
being there, we ended up having to leave on account of time and other
appointments and they told us that they would stay a little longer to
just enjoy the tranquil environment. The Temple trip was a huge
success from every angle.

I have a transfer this week on Wednesday. Elder Ramirez and I are
staying together for a 4th transfer, but the Tri-Panionship is finally
ending. Elder Bleazard is going to Vancouver. We are very excited
for how great the work is going.

I hope everyone has a great week.

Elder Adam R. F. Scoville


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