June 6, 2016 — Ask Not . . . & Nobody Will Know You had a Question

Week 75

This was an eventful week. There were a number of things that took
place and a number of good experiences that were had. On Tuesday of
last week, Elder Bleazard and I were able to assist a recent convert to
prepare the baptism for her husband Gerardo who was baptized
yesterday. Having the recent convert, and husband, of another
investigator turned out to be a very effective way to keep both of
them very involved with everything to do with the baptism since
Gerardo the investigator ended up playing a large part in the planning
of his own baptism which will be a good memory for him down the road
as a member in the Church.

The following day was Gerardo’s baptismal interview and he passed it
with so much confidence in all of the things that he has come to know
are true in the Gospel. He took 8 months to finally be baptized but
during that time, he quit drinking, coffee, and he studied the Gospel
more rigorously than any other investigator that I have had in the
past and is now a very educated member of the church. He can actually
teach what he knows and will therefore be a great member missionary.
What was most amazing was that immediately after his baptismal
interview, Elder Ramirez and I invited and took him out to a lesson
that we had scheduled with one of our other On-Dates. During this
lesson, Gerardo bore testimony of everything that we taught and just
related how his experience has been of coming to know that the Church
is true and everything else. He related with our investigator
fantastically and it was such a productive lesson. It was just so
cool how we brought an investigator to a lesson and how an
investigator bore testimony to another investigator about the Gospel.
That’s the first time I’ve had that happen before.

I had transfers this past Wednesday and it is now just Elder Ramirez
and I here in the Alameda Portland Spanish Area. We are still
experiencing a lot of success as well. We put another new
investigator on date for baptism on Thursday night.

On Thursday, I also got to experience something very cool. My mission
President allowed me to attend a very special meeting that only the
Mission Leadership is allowed to attend called MLC (Mission Leader
Council). Only Zone Leaders, Sister Trainer Leaders, the Assistants,
and Senior Missionary Leadership are allowed to attend this meeting at
the mission office once every month. The reason I was able to attend
even though I do not hold any of those positions is simply because I
asked if I could go. 2 weeks ago in my weekly email to my mission
President, I just asked if I could attend an MLC since I’d always been
interested in attending that meeting where all of the mission
leadership is in the same place together at the same time being able
to be 100% real around each other without softening things for the
sake of the rest of the mission. President Taylor told me that I
could go the following week and I went. And it was a pretty amazing
meeting. In the meeting, he told everyone why I was there and how it
was because of the private reasons that I expressed in my email to
him, and also simply because I asked. I have really been learning
that principle of asking and receiving lately for the past few months.
Asking questions of any kind have so much power. Questions can really
define so many things about an individual and what comes about in an
individual’s life. My testimony of asking and receiving has become so
strong on my mission and having been able to attend MLC is just one
small example of that. I am the only missionary in this mission
outside of Leadership now who has every attended that meeting not
having some other reason to be there, and I am the only one that has
ever asked. Questions have power. And clarity in those questions
have even greater power.

I hope everyone has a good week. It s getting hot.

Elder Adam R. F. Scoville


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